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Apps and Updates Stories July 22

[Update: July 2019] Best Android games in every category

I’m going to get this out of the way right at the beginning. There are so many awesome games for Android that trying to build a comprehensive best android games list isn’t practical. What I have put together is a list of great Android games across every genre. I’ve played and enjoyed every game on this list, and while I’m certain you will recognize a number of them, hopefully it also includes some that you haven’t tried yet. There are definitely more fantastic Android games out there, so please let me know your own favorite(s) in the comments, and maybe it will make the list next time around.

Apps and Updates Stories June 12

Files by Google gets early dark mode on Android Q w/ beta update

Dark mode on apps and services is becoming more and more pervasive, slowly we are seeing a shift to the less eye-blasting muted color scheme and we couldn’t be happier. Next up in the Google stable is Files by Google, which has added a dark mode in its latest beta build but it appears that it only works on the Android Q beta.

Apps and Updates Stories June 7

We’re deep into 2019 and we’re still having issues with Android apps not supporting Dark or Night modes despite millions of devices now using AMOLED displays. Here’s a list of our favorite Android apps that support the dark side… expand full story

Apps and Updates Stories April 16

One of the coolest parts of the modern web is being able improve and personalize your experience through extensions. Thus far, however, Google has not made it possible to use Chrome extensions on Android. The latest update to Kiwi Browser is doing what Google hasn’t, with support for full Chrome extensions.

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Apps and Updates Stories March 26

Last year, a change to Chrome OS revealed that Messages for Web would be transitioning from to This lined up with the recent transition from the “Android Messages” name to simply “Messages.” Today, a slightly updated version of Messages for Web with RCS settings has gone live on

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Firefox Lockbox brings your saved Firefox passwords to Android’s autofill

If you’re like me and use Firefox wherever possible instead of Google Chrome, you probably realize you’re missing out on a lot of useful integrations between Chrome and Android that are tied to your Google Account. While Mozilla isn’t launching an alternative to services like Google Pay any time soon, the company is launching Firefox Lockbox which offers secure access to passwords saved in your Firefox Account and Android autofill support.

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