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Apps and Updates Stories April 16

One of the coolest parts of the modern web is being able improve and personalize your experience through extensions. Thus far, however, Google has not made it possible to use Chrome extensions on Android. The latest update to Kiwi Browser is doing what Google hasn’t, with support for full Chrome extensions.

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Apps and Updates Stories March 26

Last year, a change to Chrome OS revealed that Messages for Web would be transitioning from to This lined up with the recent transition from the “Android Messages” name to simply “Messages.” Today, a slightly updated version of Messages for Web with RCS settings has gone live on

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Firefox Lockbox brings your saved Firefox passwords to Android’s autofill

If you’re like me and use Firefox wherever possible instead of Google Chrome, you probably realize you’re missing out on a lot of useful integrations between Chrome and Android that are tied to your Google Account. While Mozilla isn’t launching an alternative to services like Google Pay any time soon, the company is launching Firefox Lockbox which offers secure access to passwords saved in your Firefox Account and Android autofill support.

Apps and Updates Stories March 20

Opera for Android now comes with a free unlimited VPN

Opera might not be able to match the install base or popularity of Google Chrome, but it now improves our internet safety by including a fee VPN service within the Android application.

Apps and Updates Stories January 2

Back in September, it was discovered that Google was hard at work creating a dark mode for Google Chrome to be used when macOS system-wide dark mode (which arrived in 10.14 Mojave) was enabled. Now confirmation is rolling in that Google Chrome for Windows 10 will not be left out of the fun, and, in fact, you can try an early version of dark mode today.

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There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from the Google Play Store, the issue is that most of these are downright terrible. For that reason, we’ve collated a few core apps that you need to really kickstart your 2019. Some you might already have or heard of and with good reason, many are near the top of the download charts because of just how good they are. But even with that said, there are bound to be some that you may never have even considered. expand full story

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