According to a report from Variety, Google might be working with  manufacturers to add Google Cast functionality directly into TVs, without the need for Android TV. Vizio is rumored to be the first partner to adopt this model where the TV becomes just a ‘dumb’ screen.

Currently, manufactures who want to add Google Cast features to their TV sets must use Android TV. While Android TV has full casting capabilities and an app store, it is understandable why manufacturers would not want to make and sell a smart TV. Google’s new stance is possibly due to Android TV now being led by the VP who is also in charge of Chromecast.

Under this new arrangement, manufacturers would be able to just add Google Cast to their TVs without any other cruft. Vizio, known for their affordable televisions, might be the first company to have Cast-enabled television sets. The report says the new line could ship as early as spring. Vizio is planning on shipping an Android tablet with some TV models to replace remote controls. The tablet will be loaded with apps from several services and have a programming guide that provides recommendations.

Google has had a storied history with creating an operating system for the TV. Google TV was a failure and Android TV, which Sony adopted on all their smart TVs, has not been a hit success. On the other hand, the cheap and affordable Chromecast has been a hit success for Google. This recent news might hint that Google is finally going all in with their approach to TV that has already been proven to work.

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