It turns out anything can be made into a Cardboard-like virtual reality viewer. Following Coca-Cola’s experiment to convert a 12-pack case of Cokes into a viewer is a similar attempt from McDonald’s. For a limited time, stores in Sweden will be selling Happy Meal boxes that can turn into a VR viewer for smartphones.

The iconic red Happy Meal box can be deconstructed and turned into a viewer. The lenses themselves are part of a lens kits that users slide into the finished construction along with their phone. Unlike a standard Cardboard viewer, the ‘Happy Goggles’ will initially only be compatible with one ski-themed game.

Only 3,500 convertible Happy Meal boxes will be available starting this weekend for one week. The Happy Goggles will only be available in 14 stores around the country for approximately $4. This is part of a campaign McDonald’s is running to coincide with a Swedish skiing holiday.

If successful, it’s possible that the Happy Goggles will expand internationally. As a global food chain, McDonald’s has the capability to serve up the first VR experience for many kids. Increasingly, brands are running promotions that give out Cardboard viewers along with a game or app experience.  Google and Verizon were giving out collectible Star Wars-themed viewers to mark the release of the latest movie last December.

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