For some people, having a regular model of a gadget isn’t enough. They have to get that one extra special model. In recent years, that has often meant coating a smartphone in previous metals or jewels (or both). This year, that could mean a 24K gold Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge from London-based Truly Exquisite

The company has just launched a gold-plated series of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edges, which can be pre-ordered from today. How much you pay depends on which particular precious metal you want. Both versions of Samsung’s phone are available to pre-order with a 24k gold, platinum or 18k rose gold plating. Pricing is as follows:

  • 24K Gold Galaxy S7 – £1700 (approx $2,380 USD)
  • 24K Gold Galaxy S7 Edge – £1800 (approx $2,495 USD)
  • Platinum Galaxy S7 – £1800 (approx $2,495 USD)
  • Platinum Galaxy S7 Edge – £1900 (approx $2,630 USD)
  • 18K Rose Gold Galaxy S7 – £1750 (approx $2,425 USD)
  • 18K Rose Gold Galaxy S7 Edge – £1850 (approx $2,562 USD)

Of course, we’re assuming most of you aren’t considering slapping down more than $2k to get a Samsung smartphone. But if you are, it’s worth noting that the company requires a 50% deposit for any pre-ordered phone. In other words, half the price of the gold plated models will get you a full non-gold regular model, plus some change.

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