Google Search just got a whole lot more useful for those of us who like to travel. With the new ‘Destinations’ feature you can search locations for your next trip, fine tune the search with your budget requirements and explore cities. In fact, you can virtually plan the entire trip right from within the Search user interface.

To start a destination search just type a location followed by ‘vacation’ or ‘destination’ and hit enter. You’ll then see a drop-box right at the top of the screen with location suggestions, which you can expand by tapping the familiar blue arrow on the bottom of the window. From here, you can scroll through the cities/locations shown to see what takes your fancy. Each city has an estimated airfare and accommodation cost at the bottom of its card.

To fine-tune the search, hit the ‘filter’ icon at the top of the screen where you can set how many people you’re looking to travel with, set your vacation budget and even select dates for your trip.

With Google’s apparently limitless wealth of knowledge, and now this new Destinations feature, it’s clear the search giant wants you to use its service for every step of your travel organizing. Now it doesn’t just known everything about all the best locations or cities to visit, it knows how much it’ll cost you to get there and can help you plan your itinerary too. Check out ‘Destinations’ in action in Google’s promo video below:

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