Google Search Stories September 17

Google frequently updates Search by optimizing rankings and adding new features. The latest involves image thumbnails alongside a Google Search result on mobile to help users determine whether they want to click on a page.

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Google Search Stories September 13

Google activates SOS Alert in Search and Maps for Hurricane Florence

Over the past several years, Google has introduced new features to provide important safety information during emergency events and natural disasters. Ahead of Hurricane Florence, Google has enabled an SOS Alert for those directly impacted by the Atlantic storm.

Google Search Stories September 4

In recent weeks, the Google Material Theme has permeated through more and more of the company’s apps and services. With a big redesign expected for Chrome this month, Google Search would be the next biggest product to get a revamped look. New screenshots today show Google already testing the new design.

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Google Search Stories August 20

Google testing suggestions based on search history in Chrome’s New Tab page

In addition to customizable backgrounds in Chrome’s New Tab page, Google is testing a row of related search queries. Topic-based and populated from your search history, the bar began appearing for some users over the weekend.

Google Search Stories August 16

Internally, Google is known for fostering a very open work environment that places a great deal of trust on employees. That means Googlers can affect a great deal of change as evidenced by the company backing out of Project Maven. A new petition provides insight to the employee reaction against Dragonfly — a censored search engine for China — that many believe is contradictory to Google’s principles.

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Google Search adds more detailed Knowledge Panels w/ subtopics and ‘vs.’ comparisons

Knowledge Panels are a useful way to get quick facts and other answers without having to dive into a full page. Google Search is now introducing new result types that answer queries about comparisons, while also adding relevant subtopics to panels.

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