Google Search Stories September 18

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The public library continues to be a wonderful resource, with many adapting to this day and age with various digital resources. As such, many offer ebooks in addition to their traditional counterparts. Google is now helping surface these online versions by showing ebooks that are available to borrow from your library.

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Google Search Stories September 15

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Quite a few things happened in 1997. Titanic won 11 Oscars, WebMD went online for the first time, The Spice Girls had a number one hit, and yours truly was born. However, bigger than all of these things, the domain “” was officially registered.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Search Stories September 12

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Back in June, the Wall Street Journal shared that Google traffic to its sites fell after ending the “first click free” practice of offering full access to articles behind a paywall. The program has always been a source of consternation for publishers and Google is finally ending the practice.

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Google Search Stories September 8

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Google redesigning Knowledge Graph cards for entertainment searches w/ more tabs

The Google Search Knowledge Graph is remarkably handy for getting a quick summary on media, a business, or a person, as well as other pertinent details. Cards for movies and books are now being revamped with a tab-heavy design that highlights more information.

Google Search Stories September 6

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If you’re a business-owner, chances are good your company is listed in Google Search results giving better visibility to existing and potential customers. Today, Google announced that it’s revamping the way that these business listings are edited — allowing users to make changes and updates directly within Google Search.

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Google Search Stories September 1

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Google Search is an immensely powerful tool. You can use it to check movie times, self-diagnose what that rash on your arm is, learn how to cut an onion without crying, and virtually anything else that comes to mind. Among everything that we use Google Search for, one of the most popular search types are “how to” questions. Google recently looked further into the “how to” queries on its search engine, and the results are quite interesting.

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