Google Search Stories August 25

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Google Search Stories August 23

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If you’re a user of the internet (which you are, because you’re reading this site), then Google’s latest post to its Webmaster Central Blog is great news. If you’re a publisher or webmaster that likes to bombard users with intrusive ads, however, then you might want to look away.

In an effort to “improve the mobile search experience,” Google has announced today that it will soon begin penalizing sites in Google Search when it finds that the ads (or, more broadly, the interstitials) they serve users are too intrusive…

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Google Search Stories August 22

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Google Search Stories August 4

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Following improvements to Google Maps that surface interesting locales, Google Search is now showing restaurant reviews from top critics and what best-of lists (from various publishers on the web) a place has been mentioned in. In related updates, the latest Google app beta now shows weather and stock cards when triggering Now on Tap from the homescreen.

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Google Search Stories August 1

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If you’re looking forward to following the Rio Olympics, which open this week, Google has made some enhancements to ensure that the information you’re after is front and center in search results. When using the Android or iOS Google app, you’ll also be offered an option to receive automatic updates on results.

Google has announced that it will be highlighting three types of information in search results …

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Google Search Stories July 15

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Throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign, Google Now has reminded people to vote in state primaries/caucuses. To help voter turnout, Search is adding a new tool that provides clear instructions on how to register in your state. Additionally, YouTube will be live streaming the Republican and Democratic National Conventions over the next two weeks.

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