Google Search Stories June 13

Google’s Material Theme is slowly creeping its way into every corner of the company’s products, and that continues in part today with Google testing its “Google Sans” font in Search on mobile.

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Google Search Stories June 12

Google simplifies finding colleges w/ admission info, cost summary, & more in Search

Google is applying its penchant for organizing the world’s information and making it easily accessible to the highly stressful area of choosing a college. Updated Knowledge Graph cards will now appear when searching for a 4-year college in the U.S. and include detailed information like admissions, costs, majors, and more.

Google Search Stories June 7

In important markets, like India, Google often hosts specialized events to announce country-specific features and initiatives. At the second annual Google for Brazil event, the company today announced Android Go, along with new features in Search and Maps.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Back in March, our APK Insight into the Google app spotted a “pinned” floating sports score feature in development. The feature was officially unveiled today as part of the company’s wide-ranging coverage of the 2018 World Cup kicking off later this month.

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Google Search Stories May 28

Oddly specific glitch shows your texts when you search ‘’ in Google on Android [Update]

No matter the developer or the company, there will almost always be bugs in code. But a very weird glitch on Android is causing the Google app displaying your text messages (the same way you can show them with a “show me my text messages” search) where one would typically expect search results.

Google Search Stories May 23

Following the Federal Trade Commission filing suit against companies that try to take advantage of small businesses with threats of removing Search listings, Google is improving how it handles “bad actors” and third-parties. This include new awareness programs, better detection, and taking similar legal action.

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