Google Search Stories October 17

One of early Google’s most ambitious projects was to scan the world’s books and make them available online. The project ran into a number of copyright issues, but still exists as Search’s book lookup functionality. Today, the service is getting redesigned with the Google Material Theme.

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Google Search Stories October 9

Back in May, Google revamped mobile Search results by adding site favicons to each listing. The company is now A/B testing a similar redesign for the Google Search results page on desktop web that also removes URLs.

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Google Search Stories October 7

Google Search Console adds new video performance reports

In recent years, video has become an increasingly important format in Google Search. To help webmasters better optimize performance, the Search Console is adding and expanding two new reports related to video.

Google Search Stories October 1

The Google app has long had a built-in bookmarking feature to save links, images, and places found through Search. An update is rolling out today on Android that redesigns the interface, and prominently elevates it to the bottom bar.

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Google Search Stories September 30

Google hosting Webmaster Conference in Mountain View this November

Google in recent years has worked to better communicate the inner workings of Search. The company this year announced a series of Webmaster Conferences around the world, and one is now coming to Mountain View this November.

Last September, Google Search marked its 20th anniversary and the company laid out plans for the engine’s future. Besides bringing Discover to the web and making Lens available in Images, Google discussed “dynamic organization” for Search results. This feature is now making its way to the desktop web via a subtopics sidebar.

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