Google Search Stories February 5

You can vote for Pokémon of the Year on right now

Given its ubiquity, Google Search makes for a great place to host online voting. The latest example is an extensive vote on for Pokémon of the Year.

Google Search Stories January 30

Given the reach of Google Search, it’s a key method for disseminating information during emergencies. Google today activated an SOS Alert for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus to quickly provide key news and other resources.

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Google Search Stories January 28

Google Search Console’s revamped Removals report can temporarily hide pages

The Google Search Console is a tool for webmasters to manage a site’s presence on the search engine. A new version of the Removals report lets them temporarily hide pages, and provides other related information.

Google Search Stories January 26

During the 2020 Grammy Awards, Google will air an ad called “The Most Searched” as a “Celebration of Black History Makers.” It’s a look at “Black icons, events and movements that were the most searched.”

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Google Search Stories January 24

At the start of last week, Google introduced a new design for desktop Search that adds site favicons to every result. Some users reacted very vocally, and Google is now experimenting with new Search designs in response to the favicon backlash.

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Google Search is the company’s best-known product — it’s what made Google a household name. Over time, though, the search engine has evolved functionally and visually. Recently, Google changed search results to show icons on different sites, and everyone seems to have a different opinion about it.

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