Google Search Stories November 16

Back in October, Google announced that it was killing Google+ for consumers following a privacy bug. While serving as an admission that the company’s take on social failed, it has become clear in recent months that the company is still very interested in social.

For example, Google Maps has added the ability to follow stores and message directly with businesses. Now, Google’s social ambitions have turned to Search, with an upcoming ability to leave comments in Google Search.

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Google Search Stories November 11

Checking the weather is a key function of every device from phones to Google Home to Smart Displays. On Android, Google Search has a rather excellent built-in weather experience that is well-designed and visually delightful. Unfortunately, Google Weather on Android and Google Search over the past few months has lost the ability to check air quality.

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Google Search Stories November 6

Voting in the 2018 Midterm elections for the House and Senate are well underway, while on the state and local level there are a slew of gubernatorial races and various ballots. Google encourages voting around the world and its products from Search to YouTube are in full force today to help with that civic duty and provide results later tonight.

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Google Search Stories October 31

As the holiday season approaches, there is an uptick in annual travel, with Google in recent weeks launching new vacation features in Search. Google Hotel Search is now getting redesigned with the Google Material Theme.

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Google Search Stories October 1

Google hid an elaborate text adventure Easter Egg in Google Search

Google last week celebrated its 20th anniversary with a Doodle, Street View tour of its original garage HQ, and a love letter to Easter Eggs. The latter tribute comes as a new game has just been uncovered, yielding an elaborate text adventure.

Google Search Stories September 28

Google reportedly paying Apple $9 billion to remain default search engine in Safari on iOS

As it’s been learned over the years, Google pays Apple to remain the default search engine in Safari on iOS. While neither company publicly speaks on the agreement, analysts believe payments are made in the billions.

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