Google Search Stories July 31

Over the years, Google Search has had a variety of easter eggs, things like “Do a barrel roll” or “what does the fox say.” The latest Google Search easter egg pays tribute to the Cha Cha Slide for the song’s 20th anniversary.

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Microsoft Edge fixes issue that caused the browser to crash when using Google Search

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser has exploded in popularity since its debut, and further updates have only improved it. In a recent update, though, many users noticed that a simple Google search could crash Microsoft Edge. Luckily, that’s been fixed.

Google Search Stories July 30

Google 3D animals and objects: Which ones are available and how to use them

At its I/O conference in 2019, Google announced that it would be adding augmented reality objects to Search. Over the year since, Google has a bunch of 3D animals you can view in Google Search using AR — here’s the full list that we’re constantly updating.

Google Search has ads that are often useful to customers, but it’s understandable that many are frustrated by them given how much dominance they can have over certain queries. Now, Google is testing bigger ad formats in Search.

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Google Search Stories July 29

Searches for ‘work-from-home’ jobs surge amid COVID-19, Google offers tip to improve visibility

One unfortunate effect of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in the US, has been the loss of employment for millions of people. Given the current circumstances, many are looking for work-from-home jobs, and now Google is trying to improve the visibility of those positions.

Google Search Stories July 28

Amid COVID-19 stay at home orders, people earlier this year discovered 3D Animals in Google Search. From educational uses to viral moments, the company has been adding more in recent months. The latest Google 3D Animals are insects complete with realistic sound effects.

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