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Update: In a statement, Google tells us that they hope to rollout “some version of the feed experience” to the mobile web. However, there are no plans to bring the Feed to the desktop. Their full comment is below.

Google yesterday announced a revamp of the Feed, formerly Google Now, that focuses on delivering smarter, more contextual information that is better personalized. Limited to mobile for the moment, one report today notes that Google is bringing the Feed to the web.

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Google Search adds dedicated search box to dictionary card for faster lookups

After sporadically appearing for several weeks, Google has rolled out a small, but useful addition to the dictionary card of Search results. The widget finally adds a dedicated search box to quickly lookup words without having to refresh your current page.

Google Search Stories July 19

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Several years ago, the European Union passed a “right to be forgotten” law that instructs tech companies like Google to delist certain content when requested by an individual. Search abides by this, but Google only removes information on a regional, not global, basis.

France’s data protection agency CNIL fined the company on this distinction, with Google appealing last year. Given the significant impact of such a ruling, the appeals court today decided to refer this case to the top European court.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!


Google Search Stories July 13

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You can now book your spa or salon appointment through Google Search and Maps

At the end of 2016, Google began to roll out a new feature that allowed people to reserve their spot in fitness and wellness classes straight from a business listing within Search and Maps. Starting today, Google has expanded this feature to also include spas and salons so that you can quickly and easily schedule your haircut or mani-pedi without having to call the shop or deal with a confusing online interface…

Google Search Stories July 6

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Google Maps is taking advantage of its large crowdsourcing aspect to make it easier to both input and find details about the accessibility of a location. In addition to this information appearing in Maps, it will also appear in Search result cards.

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Google Search Stories July 1

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Google appears to be widely testing a slight visual redesign of mobile Search that tweaks the appearance of results and their cards. Over the past few hours, several users have spotted the change in both the Google app for Android and iOS, as well as on the mobile web.

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