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These are the Google 3D animals you like best, and the ones you want added

Last week, as the popularity of Google’s 3D animals was surging across the web, we posted a couple polls asking which of the animal kingdom AR objects you liked best. We also asked you which animals you wanted to see the most — the ones Google needs to add to its ‘View in 3D’ feature in Search ASAP. Here are the results…

Google Search Stories April 6

More examples of Google’s 3D animals as the perfect quarantine activity

Google’s 3D animals have exploded in popularity across the web over the last couple weeks, and it’s likely the result of a perfect storm of circumstances. People across the world are stuck indoors, parents are teaching their grade school children from home, and the Tiger King documentary has dropped on Netflix. Regardless of the reason, people everywhere are making 3D animals an incredibly fun quarantine activity.

Google Search Stories April 4

Which 3D animals are missing from Google’s AR objects feature? [Poll]

Of all the massive variety of animals on this planet we call Earth (there are over 5,000 known species of mammals!), Google’s 3D animals feature in search only supports 26. Those do include the big ones! Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! But there are definitely some that Google could add in the future. Which would you want to see?

Google Search Stories April 3

From today’s Doodle to PSAs and Knowledge Panels, Google Search is home to a number of resources about COVID-19. In recent weeks, the company has provided ways for important sites to surface related information. The latest effort will see Google directly highlight announcements from health agencies and other government sites.

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How to fix when Google’s ‘View in 3D’ animals AR object doesn’t work

Google’s 3D animals are growing in popularity by the minute, but not everyone can use them. That’s because not every phone is compatible with the technology that Google is using to power the fun new feature. If you’re not able to find the ‘View in 3D’ button for Google’s 3D animals in search, keep reading to find out how to fix that…

Google Search Stories April 2

Which of Google’s 3D animals AR objects is the best? Tiger? Alligator? [Poll]

It’s not even a debate that Google’s 3D animals AR objects have exploded in popularity over the last few weeks, whether that be people trying to pose with a tiger to pretend to be a “Tiger King”, teach kids about animals while we’re on coronavirus lockdown, or just have fun. But of all the 3D animals that Google lets you play with, which one do you think is the best? Let us know in the poll below…

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