At yesterday’s I/O keynote, Firebase received the most enthusiastic applaud from the crowd of developers. Purchased two years ago, Firebase is a cloud backend service that does the heavy lifting of managing an app’s data. Firebase is now a complete solution for building and maintaining an app on multiple platforms.

One of the most significant announcements is how many previous paid features are now free. For instance, the new Firebase Cloud Messaging service allows developers to push messages from the cloud to Android, iOS, and web devices for free with unlimited usage. Built on top of it, Firebase Notifications will let developers send notifications without a line of code. Any files generated by users can be uploaded to Firebase Storage which is built on Google’s Cloud Storage.

New to Firebase is a Crash Reporting service that provides reports to help diagnose and fix problems when an Android or iOS app bugs out. Tied with Firebase Analytics, developers will be able to see information about how an app is being used, as well as where in the world it is being used. With Firebase Test Lab, developers will be able to virtually test how their app runs on real Android devices with different screen sizes and specs.

To help monetize apps, Firebased is tightly integrated with Google AdWords and AdMobs. Additionally, Firebase includes app indexing features that will allow for apps to be easily accessed from search results.

All these new features and support documentation are accessible through a new website that features a completely redesigned console to manage apps. The website is also tied to all Google Play developer services.

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