Firebase Stories May 11

At its core, Google I/O has always been a developer-focused event. Here are the biggest announcements that Google made during the I/O developer keynote and beyond.

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Firebase Stories November 10, 2021

During the annual Firebase Summit, Google has announced more easy-to-use extensions and better support for macOS and Flutter apps, while Firebase Personalization enters beta.

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Firebase Stories May 18, 2021

During the Google I/O 2021 developer keynote, Firebase — Google’s suite of development tools that make it all too easy to integrate apps with the cloud — shared a variety of announcements, including a new App Check security system, a revamp of the Remote Config tool, and more.

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Firebase Stories October 27, 2020

Firebase Summit brings new tools for data analysis, performance insights, more

Today, Google hosted its annual Firebase Summit event, where the company announced new tools to make things like data analysis and performance monitoring easier for app developers.

Firebase Stories January 9, 2020

Google’s Android and iOS app crash analysis tool Firebase Crashlytics is now open source

For years now, long before it became a part of Google’s Firebase, Crashlytics has offered Android and iOS developers a way to obtain insights about if and why their app is crashing on their user’s devices. As has been the trend for Firebase libraries recently, Google has made Crashlytics for Android and iOS into an open source project.

Firebase Stories December 5, 2018

One of the key features of Chrome OS is its built-in search capabilities (Google is a search engine company, after all), which can show you web results in addition to matching apps. Now this Chrome OS search box is getting two improvements to make Android apps more dynamic thanks to Firebase App Indexing and make finding your installed Linux apps easier.

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Firebase Stories October 29, 2018

Firebase to add premium customer support, improve ML Kit facial detection, more [Video]

Firebase, Google’s cloud-based app development suite, is celebrating its annual Firebase Summit developer event in Prague by announcing of a slew of new features coming to the platform, including facial detection improvements and new premium support.

Firebase Stories September 14, 2018

Fabric shutting down next year as Crashlytics moves to Firebase

Early last year, it was announced that Google had acquired Fabric mobile developer tools, to complement the Firebase app development framework they had acquired in 2014. At that time, there was no action required by developers to continue using the service. Today, Fabric has released an official migration guide and roadmap including a shutdown estimate.

Firebase Stories August 16, 2018

Firebase gains In-App Messaging, new Crashlytics integrations, more

Firebase, Google’s cloud-powered app development platform, is receiving a major update including a fresh look and interesting new features for user interaction and crash management.

Firebase Stories May 8, 2018

During the I/O 2018 Keynote, Dave Burke unveiled ML Kit, Google’s new tool to let mobile developers experiment with machine learning.

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Firebase Stories April 5, 2018

Google made a sample app to demo Firebase, and it’s a lot like Instagram

Firebase is Google’s web and mobile app development platform offering services like hosting, syncing, push notifications, and crash reporting. To demo its capabilities, the company recently created a sample app that is essentially a fully functioning copy of Instagram.

Firebase Stories March 9, 2017

At day two of Cloud Next ’17, Google’s Firebase app development suite was announced to have closer integration with the Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Functions for Firebase offers a complete backend serverless solution, while Cloud Storage for Firebase improves the app storage experience.

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Firebase Stories January 18, 2017


Launched in 2014 from an acquisition the year before, Twitter’s set of Fabric mobile developer tools is being sold off to Google. The acquisition will see the team join Google’s Developer Products Group, specifically the Firebase team.

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Firebase Stories May 19, 2016


At yesterday’s I/O keynote, Firebase received the most enthusiastic applaud from the crowd of developers. Purchased two years ago, Firebase is a cloud backend service that does the heavy lifting of managing an app’s data. Firebase is now a complete solution for building and maintaining an app on multiple platforms.

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Firebase Stories October 21, 2014


Today, Google announced that it’s acquiring Firebase, to help advance its growing cloud platform. The San Francisco-based startup specializes in backend services and creating products that help developers build applications. Software developed with Firebase can be synced across mobile and web apps in real-time.

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