The Pixel Launcher is another part of the experience that Google has crafted for their first wholly made phone. Besides circular icons and a redesigned app drawer, the launcher conveniently displays the weather. However, there was one gripe with said widget that has finally been resolved.

Weather information is retrieved directly from and updates with the Google app. The icon displayed in the Pixel Launcher matches the one in the feed’s corresponding weather card and in web searches. Depending on the condition, it shows rain, clouds, snow, and more.

Previously, the default icon for normal, ‘clear’ weather conditions was a yellow sun. This was the case even during the night.

Several users are now reporting seeing a moon icon next to the temperature. The change does not yet appear to be widespread and is likely a server-side update. Having the latest beta version of the Google app does not guarantee the update and the Pixel Launcher (7.1.1-3359438) remains unchanged.

Checking the weather in the Google weather app already shows the moon icon, but the Now card still shows a sun even at night. This is a minor fix, but nevertheless one that shows Google’s attention to minute details.

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