Pixel Launcher Stories August 18

In June, Google redesigned Discover to be “more streamlined” by removing article descriptions and making other visual tweaks. On Android 12, the Google Discover feed to the left of the Pixel Launcher has added more Material You flourishes.

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Pixel Launcher Stories July 14

Android 12 Beta 3: Pixel Launcher adopts more colors, ‘At A Glance’ is now ‘Live Space’

The third beta to Android 12 makes some updates to the Pixel Launcher homescreen for Google’s own phones, including renaming “At A Glance” to “Live Space” and adding more splashes of color.

Pixel Launcher Stories June 10

The Pixel Launcher is one hallmark of Made by Google phones that has remained relatively unchanged over the years. Google is now letting you disable weather from appearing at the top of the Pixel Launcher in At a Glance.

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Pixel Launcher Stories May 17

“At a Glance” is a key part of the Pixel Launcher, and Google is now using that space to prominently surface important weather alerts.

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Pixel Launcher Stories April 26

Google Lens has begun to appear in the Pixel Launcher’s search bar side-by-side with the Google Assistant, in a new test.

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Pixel Launcher Stories October 15, 2020

Software is the best part of Google’s Pixel smartphones, and a lot of that comes down to simplicity. The Pixel Launcher, for example, is barebones but a pleasure to use. With the debut of the Pixel 5, though, Google is bringing an update to the Pixel Launcher that allows users to change the grid size.

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Pixel Launcher Stories August 23, 2020

Assistant is undoubtedly one of Google’s most important products today and its prominence, as well as capability, will only increase in the future. Google has made a small tweak to how Assistant visually appears on Pixel phones as the Pixel Launcher now opts for a microphone icon.

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Pixel Launcher Stories June 10, 2020

Google’s Pixel Launcher is a clean, useful launcher for the company’s own smartphones and it’s getting a couple of upgrades with the arrival of Android 11’s beta. Now, the Pixel Launcher is a bit smarter with Android 11 Beta 1, offering clever app suggestions.

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Pixel Launcher Stories June 1, 2020

Android 11’s first beta release was supposed to land this week, but it ended up getting delayed until further notice. Now, an early build has leaked, and some of the new features are being detailed, including a new option for the Pixel Launcher that puts app suggestions in your dock.

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Pixel Launcher Stories May 13, 2020

Since its second generation, Google Pixel smartphones have shipped with a handy “At a Glance” widget on the homescreen that displays upcoming events, reminders, and more. Now, Pixel owners may finally be able to integrate their work calendar with that homescreen widget.

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Pixel Launcher Stories March 4, 2020

Google’s Pixel smartphones are very smart and, as Google likes to call them, helpful. Now, the device is picking up another handy trick. With the latest Pixel Launcher update, folder names will automatically be suggested based on apps.

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Pixel Launcher Stories January 1, 2020

The December security patch introduced a handful of new features for the Pixel lineup. However, it appears to include a small Pixel Launcher bug where app icons randomly disappear from the homescreen.

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Pixel Launcher Stories December 3, 2019

Google just released the December security patch for its Pixel smartphones yesterday, but there’s an unfortunate issue for users on Pixel 3 devices. Apparently, the Pixel Launcher is continually crashing on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a when using gesture navigation.

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Pixel Launcher Stories September 26, 2019

Google’s Pixel 4 doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor thanks to its new Face Unlock system. While many are complaining about that just because they prefer fingerprint sensors, I’m more disappointed because it kills one of my favorite gestures. Now, we can show you that the Pixel Launcher on Google’s Pixel 4 is going to have a gesture to access notifications.

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Pixel Launcher Stories July 9, 2019

Google’s Pixel Launcher isn’t too heavy on features, but those it does include are very useful in your daily life. Today, we’re seeing that in Android Q Beta 5, Google will be adding a new gesture to swipe down on the Pixel Launcher homescreen to pull down the notifications tray.

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Pixel Launcher Stories July 2, 2019

One of the simple things I love coming back to on a Pixel device is the “At a Glance” widget that makes up the top of the homescreen. It’s basic but very useful, with a good look too. Now, Lawnchair Launcher is testing an expansion to the At a Glance widget that integrates more notifications, music, and more.

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Pixel Launcher Stories May 21, 2019

Google’s Digital Wellbeing suite of tools is handy, and the company is apparently making it a whole lot easier to get at certain functions. In an update rolling out now, Digital Wellbeing is showing up on the Pixel Launcher with some convenient buttons for pausing an application.

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Pixel Launcher Stories April 14, 2019

Pixel Launcher’s ‘At A Glance’ widget to add Assistant-powered ‘Intelligent Tips,’ reminders

Google has been experimenting with adding some new functionality to the At A Glance widget on its Pixel smartphones. In the current beta, the company is testing out new Intelligent Tips and Reminders for the At A Glance widget on Pixel Launcher.

Pixel Launcher Stories March 28, 2019

Android Q is full of refinements and changes throughout, and even a couple of weeks after the debut of the first beta we’re still finding new tidbits. Now, it’s been discovered that Android Q will let Pixel owners pause apps from their Launcher using Digital Wellbeing.

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Pixel Launcher Stories March 20, 2019

Just a few days after Google started showing Doodles in the Discover feed, the Pixel Launcher is picking up that look in another spot. Today, we’re seeing a Spring animation from the Google Doodle appearing on the Pixel Launcher’s search bar.

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Pixel Launcher Stories March 17, 2019

Google Doodles now appear in the Pixel Launcher’s Discover feed

Google Doodles appear in a number of prominent places from Google.com to Chrome’s New Tab page. On Android, it appears in the Google app, and now in the Google Discover feed available to the left of the Pixel Launcher.

Pixel Launcher Stories January 7, 2019

To coincide with the company’s 20th anniversary, Google in September announced big updates to Discover — previously known as the Google Feed. Besides the rebrand and other visual tweaks, it is more interest-based and will feature other types of content. This is beginning to more widely roll out today, along with a proper dark theme for Discover on the Pixel Launcher. expand full story

Pixel Launcher Stories November 5, 2018

November security patch returns Google Assistant shortcut to Pixel Launcher on Pixel 2

During the Android P developer beta earlier this year, Google tested a Pixel Launcher that featured an even quicker shortcut to launch Assistant. While it did not ship in August, Google eventually launched it on the Pixel 3. With the new November security patch, that Assistant button returns to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Pixel Launcher Stories June 12, 2018

One of my favorite small touches on the Pixel 2 when it first launched was the addition of a dark theme to match your wallpaper. It’s a great change if you ask me, but having it based on your wallpaper is sometimes a bit annoying. Now, it’s looking like Google will give users a manual toggle in the future.

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Pixel Launcher Stories May 9, 2018

Android P DP2: Pixel Launcher has a new wallpaper/widget picker, adds popup menu for settings access

In previous versions of Android, when you held down on an empty portion of a homescreen, the Pixel Launcher would load a shelf with options for the Home settings, Widgets, and Wallpapers. That has changed with Android P DP2.

Pixel Launcher Stories April 27, 2018

One of the more useful features of the Pixel Launcher is the “At a glance” widget that shows your calendar appointments and acts as a shortcut to Google’s built-in Weather app. In the latest beta version of the Google app, this widget is available on the latest Android phones.

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Pixel Launcher Stories March 29, 2018

Google testing new Pixel Launcher search bar for future ‘2018’ devices

The Android P Developer Preview introduced a handful of changes to the Pixel Launcher like a more clearly defined shelf and a shortcut to launch Assistant. Google might be testing another tweak that adds an interesting and new “bubble” design for the search bar.

Pixel Launcher Stories January 12, 2018

Pixel Launcher’s Google Feed tests dropping the search bar for a logo

Earlier this week, we spotted Google testing a redesigned search bar for the Google Feed on the Pixel Launcher. It appears that Google is A/B testing another design in parallel as today we’ve encountered an entirely different design.

Pixel Launcher Stories January 9, 2018

Google Feed on the Pixel Launcher testing redesigned search bar

To the left of the homescreen on the Pixel Launcher is a specialized version of the Google Feed with a minimal search bar, Upcoming shortcut, and transparent design that supports the dark theme in Android 8.1. Google now appears to be A/B testing a new search bar for this screen.

Pixel Launcher Stories December 15, 2017

Google constantly changes up minor UI aspects of its various products, and often those changes aren’t received well by users. Currently, it appears that Google is testing a new change to the Pixel Launcher which adds text to the search bar, and it’s…bad.

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Pixel Launcher Stories November 22, 2017

Last month, the Android 8.1 Developer Preview officially brought over many of the Pixel 2’s new features and UI changes — including an updated Pixel Launcher — to the original Made by Google phones. There were some notable differences, but fortunately an update rolling out today is reconciling the disparities.

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Pixel Launcher Stories October 13, 2017

One of the more unique features about the Pixel Launcher on the Pixel 2 is its bottom Google bar. While odd, it is quite clever given how on large phones — like the XL — it is harder to reach the top of the screen to perform a Search. While the new Made by Google phones won’t be available until next week, you can install the launcher right now.

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Pixel Launcher Stories August 16, 2017

Over the past month, some Pixel users began noticing a transparent Google Feed to the left of their homescreen. Over the past few days, Google has been more widely rolling out the redesigned interface, with many users now seeing the new design this evening.

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Pixel Launcher Stories June 15, 2017

Getting quick access to your Google Now feed directly from the home screen can be a little tricky. Apps using the Google Now API aren’t allowed to be published in the Play Store, so some developers have had to get a little crafty with workarounds. Still, if you don’t need all of the customizable options that a launcher like Nova has to offer, why not just use the official launcher?

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Pixel Launcher Stories June 13, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, the Pixel Launcher surpassed one million installs according to its Play Store listing. You might assume this means Google has sold 1 million Pixel phones, and for that you’d be partially correct. For a variety of reasons, it’s unlikely that this install count directly correlates to sales figures for the Pixel and Pixel XL.

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Pixel Launcher Stories June 12, 2017

Google’s Pixel smartphones don’t bring a ton of completely unique software features, but one that immediately stands out is its launcher. The “Pixel Launcher” is Google’s new take on what an Android homescreen should be, with a unique app drawer implementation and a great overall style. While it’s easy enough to sideload the launcher on any device, it does break quite a bit of the functionality — until now.

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Pixel Launcher Stories June 7, 2017

With increasing frequency, a number of Pixel and Pixel XL owners are encountering a bug with the Pixel Launcher and its capability to quickly search Google from the shortcut. This issue seems to completely disable the ability to use the Google Search pill to perform any sort of query.

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Pixel Launcher Stories May 31, 2017

Minor Pixel Launcher update tweaks the Google Search pill

Debuting on Google’s first wholly-made phone, the Pixel Launcher has not received a significant update since October. Rather, there have been minor tweaks and continuing in that line is a slight change to the Google Search pill.

Pixel Launcher Stories May 17, 2017

Sometimes Google can be a bit of a leaky ship, and its latest accidental leak relates to the Pixel Launcher. We spotted a phone being demoed at a Google I/O Sandbox with an as-yet unreleased version of the Pixel Launcher installed, and it packs some interesting new features…

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Pixel Launcher Stories March 29, 2017

While playing with the Galaxy S8 earlier today, I quickly noticed something interesting — there’s no app drawer. At least, there’s no visible one. Quickly I found out that Samsung has implemented a new gesture to access the app drawer, and it works a lot like Google’s Pixel Launcher

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Pixel Launcher A/B testing new layout with rounded search bar, no weather/date widget

Exclusive to Google’s flagship devices, the Pixel Launcher appears to be A/B testing a new layout that ditches the handy weather/date widget for a more conventional search bar.

Pixel Launcher Stories November 19, 2016

Pixel Launcher’s weather widget finally stops showing the sun icon at night

The Pixel Launcher is another part of the experience that Google has crafted for their first wholly made phone. Besides circular icons and a redesigned app drawer, the launcher conveniently displays the weather. However, there was one gripe with said widget that has finally been resolved.

Pixel Launcher Stories October 19, 2016


Over the past year or so, Google has been adding a lot of stock apps to the Google Play store, and today it’s debuting two new ones ─ the Pixel Launcher and Wallpapers.

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Pixel Launcher Stories September 22, 2016


Ahead of the release of Google’s upcoming Pixel smartphones, we’ve heard a lot regarding a new Android launcher originally known as the “Nexus Launcher”, which has now become the “Pixel Launcher” to reflect Google’s new smartphone branding. The launcher brings a new look and feel compared to standard Android launchers, but as it turns out, that’s not all it will bring…

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Pixel Launcher Stories September 13, 2016

Launcher Tutorial

One of the most-used customization features in Android is the ability to change your device’s launcher. This allows you to customize the look and feel of your home screen, app icons, as well as functionality of the app drawer and folders on your device. This comes especially in handy when you don’t like your device’s customized skin — like TouchWiz on Samsung devices or EMUI on Huawei devices…

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