Following the addition of a group plan, Project Fi became a much more attractive service for families and others with multiple lines. To attract more subscribers, Google’s MVNO is launching a Referral Program that rewards new and existing customers with a $20 credit.

All subscribers are provided with a referral code. It is accessible in the Fi app through an advertisement banner or by scrolling to the bottom of the ‘Account’ or ‘Billing’ tab. Sharing from the ‘Share the Fi love’ screen sends a URL featuring your code, with the status of invitations also tracked from that page.

Several terms and conditions apply in order to receive the $20 credit. First, the refered must be a new subscriber for at least 30 days and must have paid for two months of service. Additionally, both users must maintain active Project Fi accounts in good standing.

Unfortunately, the recently announced group plan accounts are not eligible for this program and users are capped at 10 total referral credits. After the conditions are met, the $20 credit is applied to your next Fi Bill, excluding taxes and regulatory fees.


Before sharing your code, be advised that both the referring user and the referred can see each other’s names, contact information, and referral status, including purchase and account activation status.

The Program starts now and ends on January 11, 2017. Its month-long length likely alludes to how this is timed for the holiday season. While the Pixel has yet to be discounted, last year’s Nexus 5X and 6P are still available at discounted prices when purchasing with Project Fi.

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