Project Fi Stories October 10

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Announced last month, Project Fi was expected to begin shipping the Moto X4 for those who pre-ordered sometime this week. However, the first Android One device in the US has now been delayed due to production issues.

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Project Fi Stories October 3

GOOG: 957.79


This afternoon multiple Project Fi users took to Twitter to complain that they had received a notification from Project Fi that the carrier would begin throttling their data due to “excessive data usage.” Project Fi was quick to reply to each user and apologize for the mistake. Now the carrier has taken to Reddit to give an official explanation…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Project Fi Stories September 29

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Last week, the Google Store and Project Fi launched a trade-in program that provides credits towards buying a new phone. The process involves shipping your old device in for appraisal before being credited. However, the first customers have discovered that Google’s “trade-in kit” appears to provide minimal protection during transit.

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Project Fi Stories September 20

GOOG: 931.58


Alongside today’s announcement and launch of Android One in the US, Google’s Project Fi is also introducing a trade-in program that’ll allow users to send in old devices to receive a credit that can be used to purchase a new phone. Based on a new support page, it appears that a similar program is coming to the Google Store, potentially in time for the Pixel 2 launch…

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Back in June, Project Fi unceremoniously announced via Twitter that a mid-tier device that supports Google’s MVNO service would be coming soon. This was in line with our reporting from earlier in the year that noted the existence of such a phone with Android One branding and how it’s possibly the 2017 Moto X.

Today, Google confirmed that the Moto X4 announced last month at IFA 2017 will be the first non-Nexus or Pixel device to officially work on Project Fi.

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Project Fi Stories September 13

GOOG: 934.75


Some Nexus 6Ps bought from Google Store, Project Fi are being replaced w/ Pixel XLs

In its lifetime, the Nexus 6P has suffered from a spate of issues ranging from bootloops to early battery shutdowns. As such, owners have had to replace their phones, with some having to repeat the process several times. About a week ago, Google appears to have begun shipping Pixel XLs as replacement devices for affected customers.

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