Project Fi Stories November 29, 2018

Google Fi promotion offers new customers one month of free service

Hot off the heels of Google rebranding its mobile network this week from Project Fi to Google Fi, the company has been aggressively promoting new offers to incentivize customers and generate interest.

Project Fi Stories November 28, 2018

Back in 2015, Project Fi launched as Google’s take on cellular service and has over the years added new features, as well as support for more phones. As suggested earlier this month, the MVNO is now simply called Google Fi and vastly expanding its Android device compatibility and supporting iPhones.

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Project Fi Stories November 27, 2018

Google’s Project Fi wireless service is a great option for a lot of users, but it’s restricted to just a handful of devices. Today, Google is going to announce that more devices, including iPhones, will be able to officially use Project Fi, albeit in a limited capacity.

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Project Fi Stories November 23, 2018

As teased last week, Project Fi is getting in on the rest of Google’s deep Black Friday discounts. In addition to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL seeing both a $200 discount and service credit, the entire Google MVNO device lineup is getting discounted until Cyber Monday.

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Project Fi Stories November 16, 2018

Project Fi teases Black Friday, offers $799 service credit w/ purchase of two Pixel 3 phones

A representative for Google’s Project Fi (soon to be renamed Google Fi) took to Reddit today to announce the return of a deal for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and tease their Black Friday offerings.

Project Fi Stories November 13, 2018

Earlier this month, Project Fi was rumored to be dropping the “project” status from its branding and logo. That has yet to happen, but the Google MVNO is announcing today an “enhanced network” that improves switching between Wi-Fi and cellular, with the latter connection now routed through a VPN.

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Project Fi Stories November 1, 2018

Last year, we were told by a source that Google’s Project Fi MVNO would “soon” — joining many other Google apps and services — be rebranded as simply Google Fi. Now, thanks to a promotional card found in a Google Pixel retail box, we see what the new logo and branding looks like.

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Project Fi Stories October 9, 2018

Ahead of Pixel 3 launch, Google drops Pixel 2 XL price to $749 on Project Fi

We’re just minutes away from the launch event for Google’s latest crop of new hardware including the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Now, the company has quietly lowered the price of the Pixel 2 XL to $749, at least on Project Fi.

Project Fi Stories September 26, 2018

Google offering Project Fi credit to subscribers impacted by Hurricane Florence

As the Carolinas continue to recover from Hurricane Florence, Google over the past two weeks has helped get information out and launched a new donation matching campaign. Project Fi is now offering a $20 credit to subscribers impacted by the storm.

Project Fi Stories September 6, 2018

Last September, Android One launched in the U.S. with the Moto X4 for Project Fi. A 4GB variant with 64GB of storage that was released in other parts of the world is now launching on the Google MNVO.

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Project Fi Stories September 4, 2018

Project Fi discounts LG G7 to $449 & V35 to $599 as Google Pixel 2 XL includes $250 credit

The latest Project Fi deals for September are in and provide notable discounts on the LG V35 and LG G7, as well as the Pixel 2 XL. The Made by Google phone comes with a $250 service credit, while the LG flagships see an instant $300 discount.

Project Fi Stories August 15, 2018

Project Fi killing automatic text forwarding next month

Hot off Pixel 2 XL and LG flagship deals earlier this week, Project Fi today announced that it’s killing the ability to automatically forward text messages on September 12th. Fortunately, there is an easy alternative and call forwarding remains unchanged.

Project Fi Stories August 13, 2018

Project Fi discounts Pixel 2 XL to $649, offering up to $899 credit w/ purchase of 2 LG flagships

Back in May, Project Fi significantly expanded its device lineup with three new phones from Motorola and LG. The Google MVNO is heavily promoting the phones, with the latest offering service credits ranging from $50 to $899. Meanwhile, there is also an instant discount on the Pixel 2 XL.

Project Fi Stories July 16, 2018

Google offering $300 Project Fi credit with purchase of $749 LG G7 or $899 V35

Project Fi significantly expanded its lineup in May with two flagship devices from LG. On the premium front, the Google MNVO was previously restricted to Pixel and Nexus, while the only other offerings have been mid-range Motorola phones. The carrier is today announcing a $300 service credit with the purchase of an LG G7 or V35.

Project Fi Stories June 20, 2018

LG G7 ThinQ and LG V35 ThinQ go up for pre-order on Project Fi, $100 bill credit discount

One problem that has long faced Project Fi users is a lack of choice when it comes to devices. Slowly but surely Google has been making moves to improve choice, and recently, it partnered with LG to offer the company’s latest flagships. Now, they are both available for pre-order.

Project Fi Stories June 7, 2018

Chromebooks are far and away some of the best machines for getting quick tasks done when you’re on the go, but one thing that the platform has really lacked over the years is dedicated cellular support. Now, a new code-review has revealed that Google is actively trying to change that with eSIM.

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Project Fi Stories June 5, 2018

Even before the upcoming suite of Digital Wellbeing features announced at I/O 2018, Google has allowed parents to create and manage young children’s Google Accounts through Family Link. The family focused tools now support Project Fi to manage a child’s phone service.

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Project Fi Stories May 30, 2018

Google’s Project Fi service has grown a lot over the years and remains a solid option for users, but one area it really struggles with is hardware. There aren’t many devices that work on Fi, but today, Google is adding three more options.

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Just a few weeks after launching its first flagship of 2018 with the LG G7 ThinQ, LG is back with another new launch, this time with the LG V35.

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Project Fi Stories May 22, 2018

Google’s cell carrier Project Fi is an excellent choice for many users, but like any carrier, it can end up running into outages from time to time. Today, Project Fi ran into an outage with SMS and MMS messages.

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Project Fi Stories April 22, 2018

Three years ago today Google revealed that it was entering the U.S wireless business as a mobile virtual network operator. Since then, Project Fi has gained new features and slowly added more devices, with the service considered easy to understand and a good deal for some, particularly international travelers.

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Project Fi Stories April 10, 2018

The Pixel in 2016 kicked off Google’s latest and most committed push into entering hardware. When the second-generation Made by Google phones launched last October, the original device was kept around with a $100 price cut. Today, those first phones are no longer in stock on the Google Store or Project Fi.

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Project Fi Stories February 15, 2018

Get a free month of Project Fi service when you buy and activate a new phone

In its latest promotion, Project Fi is giving away a free month of service to new customers who purchase a select phone through the wireless carrier…

Project Fi expands international coverage to 37 more regions, adds proactive country alerts

One of the tentpole features advertised by Google’s MVNO is its international data coverage at no extra charge. Today, Project Fi is adding more countries, while adding proactive travel alerts based on your emails.

Project Fi Stories February 9, 2018

Google’s Project Fi cellular service has gotten better and better since its launch, but mistakes have certainly been made along the way. Right now, Google is facing a lawsuit from a user who says his bill was enormous because Google was charging for data he used over Wi-Fi.

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Project Fi Stories February 2, 2018

Android One Moto X4 drops to $249, Pixel XL to $549 w/ limited time Project Fi promo

Project Fi kicked off the year with what is effectively an $80 unlimited plan. Heading into February, the Google MVNO is now offering a promotion that drops the Moto X4 to $249 and 2016’s Pixel XL to $549.

Project Fi Stories January 24, 2018

Google rolling out Smart Reply to Android Messages for Project Fi

Found in Allo, Gmail, and Inbox, Smart Reply is a convenient time saver that suggests responses based on the context of a conversation. Today, the feature is rolling out to Project Fi subscribers who use Android Messages.

Google no longer offering Moto X4 as Nexus 5X replacements on Project Fi, full refunds now available

Thanks to poor components, Google has had to deal with continually replacing Nexus 5X units for Project Fi subscribers who bought the device. For a short time, those replacements were Moto X4 devices, but that’s quickly stopped.

Project Fi Stories January 22, 2018

Remember the Nexus 5X? That was an excellent phone for a fair bit, and then it suddenly wasn’t thanks to failing components which eventually caused it to fly under the radar. For good reason, Google has long been handing out replacements for this device to frustrated owners, but it’s recently started doing so with the Moto X4.

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Project Fi Stories January 17, 2018

While Google’s MVNO service is perfect for subscribers that only use a little bit of data every month, it’s not particularly suited for heavy data users. However, today, Project Fi is trying to reach out to more customers with “Bill Protection” — its own take on an unlimited plan.

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Project Fi Stories January 13, 2018

One of the best parts of Google’s MVNO service is the flat fee for data anywhere around the world. This frequently advertised aspect is currently in the midst of a widespread outage, with Google aware of the issue but having no ETA for a possible fix.

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Project Fi Stories January 9, 2018

Like with the original Pixel phones, Google last year released a special edition “Kinda Blue” variant that was limited at launch in the U.S. to Verizon. Today, that color is now available as an Unlocked model on the Google Store and through Project Fi.

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Project Fi Stories December 22, 2017

Android One Moto X4 on Project Fi receiving 8.0 Oreo update today

One of the central tenants of Android One is fast updates and the Moto X4 that launched earlier this year for Project Fi was included in the update promise. Meeting an end of the year guarantee, 8.0 Oreo is now beginning to rollout for the device.

Project Fi Stories December 15, 2017

Back in September, the Google Store and Project Fi unveiled a trade-in program to get credits towards a new device. However, one critique that quickly emerged was the flimsy packaging Google was sending out to ship phones back for appraisal. Weeks later, Google has finally remedied the situation.

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Project Fi Stories December 12, 2017

Project Fi’s annual ‘holiday treat’ for subscribers is now live

As is tradition, Project Fi is again gifting a “holiday treat” for subscribers of the Google MVNO service. The interactive experience for 2017 is a fun ski game that’s coupled with an in-flight Wi-Fi code.

Project Fi Stories November 27, 2017

As part of Black Friday last week, Project Fi launched a deal on the Android One Moto X4 that nabbed subscribers $100 worth of credit that goes towards their monthly bill. On Cyber Monday, the Google MVNO has extended this offer to the Pixel 2 line and last year’s Pixel XL.

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Project Fi Stories November 24, 2017

Project Fi’s Black Friday deal offers $100 credit with Android One Moto X4 purchase

After launching a referral challenge for the holidays last week, Project Fi is hosting a Black Friday deal on the Moto X4. The Android One device is the cheapest way to get service from Google’s MVNO and now comes with a $100 Fi credit that goes towards your monthly bill.

Project Fi Stories November 17, 2017

Over the past year, Google’s Project Fi MVNO has made use of various referral programs to attract new subscribers, as well as reward existing ones. The latest “Fi it Forward” challenge offers a chance to win a Chromecast and an Android One Moto X4.

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Project Fi Stories October 10, 2017

Announced last month, Project Fi was expected to begin shipping the Moto X4 for those who pre-ordered sometime this week. However, the first Android One device in the US has now been delayed due to production issues.

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Project Fi Stories October 3, 2017

This afternoon multiple Project Fi users took to Twitter to complain that they had received a notification from Project Fi that the carrier would begin throttling their data due to “excessive data usage.” Project Fi was quick to reply to each user and apologize for the mistake. Now the carrier has taken to Reddit to give an official explanation…

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Project Fi Stories September 29, 2017

Last week, the Google Store and Project Fi launched a trade-in program that provides credits towards buying a new phone. The process involves shipping your old device in for appraisal before being credited. However, the first customers have discovered that Google’s “trade-in kit” appears to provide minimal protection during transit.

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Project Fi Stories September 20, 2017

Alongside today’s announcement and launch of Android One in the US, Google’s Project Fi is also introducing a trade-in program that’ll allow users to send in old devices to receive a credit that can be used to purchase a new phone. Based on a new support page, it appears that a similar program is coming to the Google Store, potentially in time for the Pixel 2 launch…

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Back in June, Project Fi unceremoniously announced via Twitter that a mid-tier device that supports Google’s MVNO service would be coming soon. This was in line with our reporting from earlier in the year that noted the existence of such a phone with Android One branding and how it’s possibly the 2017 Moto X.

Today, Google confirmed that the Moto X4 announced last month at IFA 2017 will be the first non-Nexus or Pixel device to officially work on Project Fi.

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Project Fi Stories September 13, 2017

Some Nexus 6Ps bought from Google Store, Project Fi are being replaced w/ Pixel XLs

In its lifetime, the Nexus 6P has suffered from a spate of issues ranging from bootloops to early battery shutdowns. As such, owners have had to replace their phones, with some having to repeat the process several times. About a week ago, Google appears to have begun shipping Pixel XLs as replacement devices for affected customers.

Project Fi Stories August 28, 2017

While Hurricane Harvey made landfall over the weekend, the impact of the natural disaster is still ongoing for the people of Texas and surrounding areas. Google and their philanthropic arm has launched a number of efforts in response, including offering Project Fi credits for those in affected regions.

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Project Fi Stories August 10, 2017

Project Fi, Google’s own mobile carrier, piggy backs on T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular networks to bring cheap data plans and an easy-to-use interface when dealing with data usage and bill payments. Its biggest downside, though, is the limited number of compatible phones.

Once several new phones are announced this fall, which device would you buy to use on Project Fi?

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Project Fi Stories July 25, 2017

Last December, Project Fi announced a referral program that netted referrers and new customers a $20 credit towards their monthly bill. The Google MVNO is now significantly expanding the program with a new Referral Challenge that adds prizes to the mix.

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Project Fi Stories July 24, 2017

Project Fi providing ‘extra credits’ to offset unintended usage due to reporting issue

Project Fi’s phenomenal customer service (for a cellular carrier) was on display this past weekend over an issue with data usage reporting. Some users did not get an accurate idea of how much data they consumed during a one month period ending in mid-July. To remedy the problem, Google is awarding credits to cover any unattended usage…

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