Project Fi Stories May 22

Google’s cell carrier Project Fi is an excellent choice for many users, but like any carrier, it can end up running into outages from time to time. Today, Project Fi ran into an outage with SMS and MMS messages.

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Project Fi Stories April 22

Three years ago today Google revealed that it was entering the U.S wireless business as a mobile virtual network operator. Since then, Project Fi has gained new features and slowly added more devices, with the service considered easy to understand and a good deal for some, particularly international travelers.

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Ready to try the Pixelbook?

Project Fi Stories April 10

The Pixel in 2016 kicked off Google’s latest and most committed push into entering hardware. When the second-generation Made by Google phones launched last October, the original device was kept around with a $100 price cut. Today, those first phones are no longer in stock on the Google Store or Project Fi.

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Project Fi Stories February 15

Get a free month of Project Fi service when you buy and activate a new phone

In its latest promotion, Project Fi is giving away a free month of service to new customers who purchase a select phone through the wireless carrier…

Project Fi expands international coverage to 37 more regions, adds proactive country alerts

One of the tentpole features advertised by Google’s MVNO is its international data coverage at no extra charge. Today, Project Fi is adding more countries, while adding proactive travel alerts based on your emails.

Project Fi Stories February 9

Google’s Project Fi cellular service has gotten better and better since its launch, but mistakes have certainly been made along the way. Right now, Google is facing a lawsuit from a user who says his bill was enormous because Google was charging for data he used over Wi-Fi.

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