Launched in 2013, Google Keep has added a number of major features that make it a powerful note taking app. With new Docs integration, Google is making Keep a serious part of its productive tools for both free and paying G Suite customers.

Starting today, you can now view and create Keep notes from within Google Docs. On the web, Docs is adding a ‘Keep notepad’ to the main editing window. This sidebar is a mini version of the app and shows your latest notes with the ability to directly drag text and pictures into a document.

From here, users can quickly take down new notes and perform searches. Additionally, when highlighting text in Google Docs, there is a new option to ‘Save to Keep notepad.’ These notes in particular will be added to a related section, with Keep also featuring a link back to the full Docs file.

Additionally, as a G Suite core service, Keep will receive the same level of technical support and service as Gmail or Google Drive. This also means inclusion to the G Suite terms of service and availability on the Status Dashboard.

Admins will be granted a great level of control over Keep usage, with the ability to turn the app on/off for their domains. These changes, along with Docs integration will begin rolling out today.


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