As Chrome OS evolves, it picks up little tweaks here and there that improve the overall look and feel and today, “Chromium Evangelist” François Beaufort has revealed one of those tweaks — themed docks based on your wallpaper.

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This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about this, as a recent commit by the Chrome OS team revealed a few weeks ago that this was indeed coming. Now that it’s here, though, we finally know how it works.

The idea is pretty simple. Once the flag #ash-shelf-color is enabled, the dock will become a solid color which is pulled directly from the wallpaper. There’s no way to decide which color is picked, but Beaufort says that Chrome OS will pick the “dominant” color.

The former dock behavior will still be enabled by default, but you can easily toggle this new functionality by heading to chrome://flags/#ash-shelf-color on your Chrome OS device. Keep in mind, though, that this functionality is currently limited to the developer channel only.

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