HTC has a pretty solid phone on its hands with the HTC U11, but it didn’t get everything right. At launch, the company showed off a few different colors for the phone, but only black, silver, and blue went on sale. The striking “Solar Red” was left for other regions, but that changes today, as the company has just announced pre-orders for the new color for US customers.

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The Solar Red HTC U11 isn’t your average red smartphone. At one angle it’s a stunning and vibrant red, but another angle shifts the color to a golden orange. That all comes thanks to HTC’s special mirror finish, and it’s a seriously gorgeous look. Personally, I was very disappointed to learn that this model wouldn’t be coming to the States, but I’m glad to see that HTC has listened to feedback and decided to bring that model here after all.

This new color model doesn’t change anything in terms of specifications or design, with a Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage still running the show. Further, the same “edge sense” gestures and that fantastic rear camera are still on board, just in a much more striking package. Pricing also still lands at $649 and pre-orders kick off at 12:00am EST via HTC’s online store.

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