One of the reasons some Chromebooks don’t sell well is the fact that they’re not super easy to market. Older Chromebooks were pretty standard pieces of hardware and software, so they didn’t stand out all that much. With the latest Chromebooks though, OEMs have a bit more muscle to flex, and Samsung is demonstrating that with the first Chromebook Plus ad.

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The Samsung Chromebook Plus, if you recall, was the first Chromebook designed from the ground up with Android apps in mind. It has a bright, 3:2 Quad HD touchscreen display on a 2-in-1 hinge, a powerful and optimized ARM chipset, and access to the Google Play Store out of the box. Combine that with a good-looking design, long battery life, USB-C, and an embedded stylus and you certainly have a winner.

In the first video ad for the Samsung Chromebook Plus, the company pushes Chrome OS to the background, focusing instead on the power that Android apps bring to this ecosystem. From games to photo and document apps, the ad ensures that you know this is a very capable machine. Further, it highlights that the Plus is still capable when it’s offline, an issue that many have associated with Chromebooks.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is available now for $449 (or less) from various retailers including the Google Store, Newegg, Best Buy, Amazon, and more. Check out our full review here.

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