After finding its way to the HTC U11 in the United States last week, U11 users across the pond are reporting Alexa as now available for their devices.

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Alexa on the HTC U11 comes in addition to the Google Assistant, also found on board. Like Amazon’s various Echo devices, Alexa on the HTC U11 can answer questions, interact with various skills, and control your various home devices.

Just like on those devices, Alexa on the U11 can also be triggered simply by saying “Alexa” or by using HTC’s “Edge Sense” feature.

While the HTC U11 isn’t the first Android device we’ve seen to include Alexa (Huawei did it a few months ago with the Mate 9),┬áit is by far the most deeply integrated. Instead of a simple app, Alexa on the U11 gets an Assistant-like UI, the always-listening features, and just a far better experience overall. If you’re an HTC U11 owner in the UK, enjoy your new digital assistant. Or keep using Google Assistant, your call.

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