Cable and streaming services don’t always get along very well, and that’s especially true when it comes to Comcast. However, the company has slowly started paving the way for merging cable and streaming media, and now it’s integrating YouTube with its “X1” boxes.

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YouTube integration for Comcast’s X1 cable boxes was first announced earlier this year, but is starting its actual rollout today. Not only will YouTube have its own official app on the box, but it will also be integrated throughout the UI and will even work with the included voice remote.

Videos on YouTube will appear throughout the UI alongside standard cable content. For example, searching for a cooking show on cable will provide a list of related content on YouTube from various content creators or even show clips. YouTube executive Robert Kyncl said to Engadget:

The living room is YouTube’s fastest growing platform. We are excited to supercharge our distribution there and bring Xfinity X1 users a seamless way to consume all of the content they love. Voice is a key enabler to discovery and we are looking forward to bringing it to Xfinity X1 users.

As mentioned, this functionality should be live today for all Xfinity X1 users with the proper equipment.

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