With Chromebooks quickly taking the place of Android tablets, it only makes sense that they become more and more flexible in their capabilities. Now, with the “PixelBook” coming, Google is continuing to make improvements, and one of those is the debut of note taking on the lockscreen.

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XDA recently spotted a commit to Chrome OS that shows that note taking apps are very quickly making their way to live Chrome OS devices. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Google introducing this feature, as another commit first revealed the functionality back in July.

This latest commit, however, reveals that Google is requiring apps to directly add this functionality, so at launch, it’s only going to work with Google Keep. The commit even explicitly mentions Keep a couple of times.

The most notable thing here, though, is that this feature is launching pretty soon as the option has been added to Chrome OS’ settings menu and enabled by default. As it isn’t live just yet, we don’t know exactly how it will work. Looking at the previous commit, it seems likely that this will only work on devices with a stylus and be triggered by that hardware, but it’s still unclear for now.

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