Google Maps is the best tool for navigation — there’s just no argument there. Thus, it should come as no surprise that drivers who work for services such as Lyft prefer to use Google’s service to get their passenger(s) to their destination. Now, Lyft is making that a lot easier by integrating its driver application with Maps.

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Announced in a blog post yesterday, Lyft Navigation directly houses the Google Maps application with a few tweaks to make it better for drivers. For one, the toggles and settings needed to actually accept jobs and see requested destinations are all built-in, and there are some slight UI tweaks to better fit with the Lyft service. Overall, though, this is just like using the actual Google Maps application.

This is a win-win for drivers and passengers alike. As a passenger, once you hop into your Lyft ride, you’ll immediately be on your way — getting you to work, your dinner date, or class in a timely fashion. As a driver, you can focus simply on getting your passenger safely to their destination… without the unneeded inconvenience of switching between apps.

This integration is live now within the Lyft Driver application on Android phones, and it’ll be coming soon to iOS.

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