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Over the weekend, Google was found to be giving the police in Raleigh, NC  private user location data when served with a search warrant. While this has been done in the hope to catch a criminal, it also ends up giving law enforcement innocent people’s private data just for being in the area.

How do you feel about Google potentially handing over your private location history to the police?

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In Raleigh, NC, (via WRAL) it’s been discovered that local police have issued search warrants for Google to surrender data on Google Accounts that are near crime scenes within a given window of time.

It should seem obvious to users of Google Maps that Google keeps record of your location over time. Less obvious is that even with GPS disabled, Google still has a decent idea where you are, using other factors like cell towers and WiFi networks. This is true whether you use an Android phone or the Google app on an iPhone, including innocuous ones like Inbox by Gmail.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Maps Stories March 15

Google Maps adds ‘wheelchair accessible’ routes’ for improved mobility [Video]

Few will argue if you tell them Google Maps is the best navigation service, and it’s continually getting better all the time. Today, Google is bringing a new feature to Maps to improve its functionality for wheelchair users.

Google Maps Stories March 14

In retrospect, Pokémon Go in 2016 popularized the trend of real-world mobile games that are now intersecting with the augmented reality push on both Android and iOS. Google is now capitalizing on this wave by opening up the real-time updates and location data already found in Maps to game developers.

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Google Maps Stories March 13

Google’s ‘Plus Codes’ are an open source, global alternative to street addresses

Google frequently touts that the “next billion users” will come from developing nations with different focuses and needs. To that end, the company has developed a number of optimized services, with one being a “simple and consistent addressing system that works across India and globally.

Google Maps Stories March 9

How to drive as Mario on Google Maps

To celebrate Mario day (March 10, Mar10), Nintendo and Google partnered up to allow drivers to roll through the streets as the little plumber. Here’s how to drive as Mario on Google Maps on Android and iOS…

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