Google Maps Stories January 21

Google Maps for iOS rolling out better curated travel history ‘Timeline’

One of the more useful things Google does with your Location History is aggregate visits. Google Maps for iOS is now gaining a revamped Timeline that better lets you browse your past travels.

Google Maps Stories January 9

Like New Year greetings, the window for apps and services to send 2019 recaps is winding down. Google Maps this week has been emailing a “2019 Timeline update” chock-full of location and travel statistics.

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Google Maps Stories December 30, 2019

Google Maps is one of the best services for navigating the planet and, for a couple of years now, the web version of Maps has been able to show you the surface of other planets too. Now, Google has quietly updated Maps to throw users into hyperspace when switching between planets.

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Google Maps Stories December 16, 2019

Google Maps is now adding the ability to search for electric charging station connector types — making the process of topping up your vehicle that bit easier.

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Google Maps Stories December 14, 2019

Google Maps and Earth are two useful pieces of software for getting around or learning more about our planet, and this week, Google is offering up some details on just what percentage of the planet these two services have mapped.

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Google Maps Stories December 13, 2019

Especially with conflicting gestures on Android 10, navigation drawers in apps increasingly don’t make sense. For its part, Google has been moving first-party services away from side navigation to bottom bars. The latest app to test such a redesign is Google Maps.

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