Google Maps Stories November 15

Google Maps across all platforms is getting a significant interface refresh that better highlights relevant information depending on your mode. Announced today, this is primarily achieved thanks to a new and refreshed icon/color system.

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Google Maps Stories November 7

Google Search and Maps adding ‘wait time’ estimates for your favorite restaurants

Popular Times in Google Search and Maps uses crowdsourcing to conveniently determine whether locations, like stores or movie theatres, are busy. As such, users can use this information to better schedule their visits. Now, the feature is adding wait times for your favorite restaurants.

Google Maps Stories November 6

You can now create and share Google Maps lists from the web

About a year ago Google debuted the ability to create custom lists in Google Maps, and a couple months after that, it opened up to more users. Strangely, though, the functionality was only available on mobile devices. Now, though, that’s changed as lists have finally made their debut on the desktop.

Google Maps Stories October 27

Searching, especially on mobile, is increasingly based on your location. For Google Search and Maps, specific service is determined by the country you’re in. However, in a change today, country-specific services no longer require that users visit a regional version of Google.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Maps Stories October 13

Lyft is making it a whole lot easier for drivers to use Google Maps

Google Maps is the best tool for navigation — there’s just no argument there. Thus, it should come as no surprise that drivers who work for services such as Lyft prefer to use Google’s service to get their passenger(s) to their destination. Now, Lyft is making that a lot easier by integrating its driver application with Maps.

Google Maps Stories September 25

In recent months, the Google Maps interface on mobile has seen a number of changes, in particular a new bottom bar for directions and finding interesting places around you. The latest change adds a third FAB to the app’s main screen for switching between map layers.

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