Google Maps Stories June 18

Early last year Google announced that it was partnering with Uber to offer integration with the popular ride-sharing service directly within Google Maps. Now, though, that functionality is going away.

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Google Maps Stories June 14

Google Maps testing new shortcuts for directions to home and work

To enhance user experience in Maps, Google allows users to specify home and work addresses so that the app can quickly navigate them through traffic. While there are already shortcuts in the app to quickly navigate to these locations, they can sometimes be hidden.

Google Maps Stories June 11

Google I/O saw a lot of exciting announcements, but one that didn’t get the attention it should have was the company’s refresh to Material Design. Since I/O, we’ve seen Google using its new Material Theme in a lot of apps and services, and now it seems to be rolling that out to Google Maps for Android.

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Google Maps Stories June 7

In important markets, like India, Google often hosts specialized events to announce country-specific features and initiatives. At the second annual Google for Brazil event, the company today announced Android Go, along with new features in Search and Maps.

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Google Maps Stories May 30

Google Maps adds keyword search for filtering location reviews on Android and iOS

Google Maps is a powerful resource for tons of information and reviews are a core part of the service. Now, Google is adding a handy search feature to those reviews.

Google Maps Stories May 28

Google Maps for Android testing floating bar UI for category searches

Google Maps is constantly testing out new changes for its mobile apps, and on the Android app, we’ve been seeing quite a few different adjustments as of late. Today, we’re getting a quick look at a new addition Google is testing with a special “floating” UI for some searches.

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