Google Maps Stories January 15

Google marks a significant return to China with Maps relaunch for web, iOS [Update: Nope]

Update: According to a Google spokesperson, the company has not made any announcements or changes to Maps for China. A web version has been available in the country “for years.” Nikkei was also incorrect about the launch of an iOS client on Apple’s App Store, with no Android app either.

In recent months, Google’s presence within China has increased following its 2010 exit over a refusal to self-censor content. Today, the company is taking a big step with the launch of a China-specific version of Google Maps.

Google Maps Stories December 19, 2017

Google Maps Street View and Bing Street View cars cross paths, only one makes it out

Google’s ongoing project with Street View is ambitious, but it’s also not the only one going on at any given time. Microsoft has had its own “Streetside” photography project ongoing for Bing maps and, after a while, cars from those opposing projects crossed paths.

Google Maps Stories December 12, 2017

Google Maps is making public transit easier by telling you when to get off your train/bus

Google Maps has a lot of useful features and it’s constantly improving. Now, Google is preparing to add another useful feature to Maps for those who are regular users of public transit.

Google Maps Stories December 5, 2017

Google Maps for Android adds ‘Motorcycle Mode’ in India, cuts time off of car routes

Methods of transportation often change depending on where you live, and in India, motorcycles are quite prevalent. Now, Google is adding a “Motorcycle Mode” to Maps for Android to assist those users.

Google Maps Stories November 29, 2017

Google Maps picks up a white navigation bar on Android 8.1

Android 8.1 brings a handful of nice tweaks to Oreo, but some of the best ones directly relate to issues with the Pixel 2 XL. One of those is the tweaked navigation bar which can now invert its colors and dim the buttons. Now, Google Maps has been updated to take advantage of that.

Google Maps Stories November 15, 2017

Google Maps across all platforms is getting a significant interface refresh that better highlights relevant information depending on your mode. Announced today, this is primarily achieved thanks to a new and refreshed icon/color system.

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