Google Maps Stories May 15

Google Maps adds ‘Search COVID-19 vaccines’ encouragement

Over the past year, Google has leveraged its large platforms to display useful, pandemic-related information. The latest is a simple encouragement in Google Maps about finding COVID-19 vaccines near you. 

Google Maps Stories April 28

If you’re like me, the vaccine shot in your arm means you’re looking into finally taking a trip after staying locked down for a year. To help you travel safely and in line with local guidelines, Google will now send you alerts regarding pandemic-related restrictions at your destination along with other handy travel tools for the COVID era.

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Google Maps Stories April 22

Google Maps now lets businesses specify what materials they accept for recycling

In addition to company-wide initiatives and deals, Google is marking Earth Day by letting businesses in Maps and Search specify what recycling is available on site. 

Google Maps Stories April 19

The side panel in Google Workspace apps provide quick access to Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and most recently Voice. Google Calendar on the web now features an add-on for Google Maps.

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Google Maps Stories April 16

For the past few months, Google has been slowly rolling out its eventual replacement for the phone-based Android Auto experience. The early preview of Assistant Driving Mode is now getting an international launch.

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Google Maps Stories March 30

Google has announced that Maps will now offer indoor AR directions and can even favor eco-friendly navigation when pointing you from location to location.

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