Google Maps Stories September 14

GOOG: 925.00


Maps is one of Google’s many services that seems to get new little updates all the time. Users have been able to add photos of locations on Maps for a while now, but Google is now taking things to the next level by allowing for videos to be uploaded as well.

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Google Maps Stories September 7

GOOG: 935.95


Approximately two weeks after Hurricane Harvey, another major storm is expected to make landfall this weekend in Florida. Following relief efforts in Texas, Google Maps will be marking closed roads in real-time to help with evacuation efforts.

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Google is calling on Local Guides to add wheelchair accessibility info to Google Maps

Google Maps might seem like a basic turn-by-turn navigation system to some people, but as we know, the service goes much deeper than that. One of Maps’ best features is providing quick and accurate info on businesses/institutions in your area, and now, Google is making a push for getting more wheelchair accessibility information added to these establishments all across the world.

Google Maps Stories September 5

GOOG: 928.45


Google revealed today that the Street View cameras that sit atop the roofs of vehicles that roam and catalogue the world have received a quality bump. While this results in higher resolution images, it also means better data for its image recognition systems.

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Google Maps Stories September 2

GOOG: 937.34


A host of new features were discovered in a recent teardown of version 9.60 of Google Maps  — including picture-in-picture for navigation, the ability for local guides to publish videos, food reviews, and more. Picture-in-picture (PiP) functionality is currently only been available after first entering a key code, but it looks like the full public rollout is coming soon.

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Google Maps Stories August 29

GOOG: 921.29


Between turn-by-turn navigation, being able to see how busy a business is at any given time, the ability to easily hunt down gas stations, and plenty more, Google Maps is a true powerhouse when it comes to maps/navigation. In the most recent update to the service, Google has announced that Maps will now make it easier than ever to find a place to park your car when you’re out and about.

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