Google Maps Stories August 8

Google unveiled a big update to Maps at I/O 2018 that added a Material Theme and “Your score” feature to rank places based on your preferences. Fully rolled out in June, the latest beta version is now preparing a previously announced group planning feature and the ability to customize car icons.

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Google Maps Stories August 3

Google Maps is the most popular online navigation tool on the planet, but until recently, it only showed a flat depiction of the Earth when you zoomed out. Now, Maps finally shows a globe.

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Minor Google Maps update should stop friends & family panicking when tracking your location

If you’re in the habit of sharing your location with family or friends through Google Maps, a minor update to both iOS and Android maps should stop them panicking if you suddenly stop broadcasting …

Google Maps Stories July 23

Google rolling out fix for Android Auto ‘pixelated’ Maps UI bug

For several months now, some Android Auto users have been reporting a strange Google Maps bug with Android Auto. This week, the company is finally rolling out a fix for the problem.

Google Maps Stories July 10

One of the most powerful features of Google Maps has become the crowdsourced reviews available on the platform. Now, Google appears to be testing a method that makes leaving these reviews a lot easier for Android users.

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Google Maps Stories June 29

Google Maps is delivering a lot of new features announced at I/O to users at the moment, but it seems that’s not all. This week, a few Maps users are noting incident reporting on their travels, just like Waze…

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