Google Maps Stories July 16

Last year, Google Maps began listing the status of bike sharing services in New York City. This useful real-time feature is now getting a global launch with availability in 24 cities across 16 countries.

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Google Maps Stories June 28

GPS and in-car navigation systems leading people astray is not a new phenomenon. Increased connectivity and crowdsourcing has improved the situation, but the latest example involves Google Maps stranding 100 people on a muddy dirt road in Colorado. expand full story

Google Maps Stories June 27

Google is now adding “crowdedness predictions” to Google Maps, which will be able to tell you just how busy your bus or train will be.

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Google Maps Stories June 26

While using Google Maps for your own navigation is great, it has a dual purpose as a tracker to make sure your Uber, taxi, or public transport is sticking to the track laid out before them. Google appears to be testing taxi wrong-route alerts in India to help us stay safer in private and public transport.

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Google Maps Stories June 21

A recent investigation by The Wall Street Journal claims that there are potentially millions of fake business listings being shown on Google Maps. Since this report, Google has responded by acknowledging the problem and detailing steps on how they are tackling these fake business listings.

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Google Maps Stories June 20

The Google My Business tool lets shop and restaurant owners customize listings that appear in Google Maps and Search. Google today announced a slew of new features to make Profiles stand out to customers.

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