Google Maps Stories May 24

To mark the 15th anniversary of Street View, Google Maps is rolling out a slew of features including the ability to view historical data on Android and iOS, as well as a new camera system.

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Google Maps Stories May 20

Google Maps directions lead a group of tourists into a stream, Michael Scott style

Google Maps is a phenomenal tool for finding your way around unfamiliar roads, but in some regions, local knowledge prevails. Recently, a group of tourists followed Google Maps directions through a flooded stream.

Google Maps Stories May 13

How to find gas prices with Google Maps

Google Maps is great for a lot of things – finding new restaurants, saving new places, and even finding the cheapest gas station near you. Here’ show you find gas prices in Google Maps.

Google Maps Stories May 11

Google I/O is the tech giant’s annual chance to boast its wins, and also provide meaningful updates on where its various products stand. Below, we’ve collected some of the key numbers and metrics from Google I/O 2022.

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Google’s platform for mobile augmented reality is available on 1.2 billion Android devices today. At I/O 2022, ARCore is getting foundational improvements to make it work faster and more reliably on the Pixel 6 and in Google Maps Live View. 

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At Google I/O 2022, the company unveiled improvements for Google Maps including a new “immersive view” of select cities and the ability to use Live View’s AR in third-party apps.

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Google Maps Stories May 3

The latest Google Maps beta v11.28 appears to be testing the ability to let users pick their preferred transport mode for in-app directions.

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Google Maps Stories April 5

Google Maps is rolling out a trio of big updates over the coming weeks that add toll estimates and improve the navigation experience with a new map, while the iOS app is getting a series of additional integrations.

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Google Maps Stories March 31

Google Maps is reportedly the next target of US antitrust investigations

Google has faced several antitrust lawsuits over the past few years over the dominance of Google Search, ads, and its control over the Android platform. Now, it appears that Google Maps is an upcoming target of antitrust action in the United States.

Google Maps Stories March 24

There’s nothing worse than trying to find your way when suddenly you run out of signal and can’t view your map. Fortunately, Google Maps has a feature for downloading maps for offline use. Here’s how to use it.

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Google Maps Stories March 18

Google Maps is partially down this morning with the outage particularly impacting its website and APIs for third-party applications that use Google’s location services.

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Google Maps Stories February 28

Amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Google has almost entirely disabled the country’s live traffic data from being visible in Google Maps.

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Google Maps Stories February 25

Since 2010, Google has published Transparency Reports to demonstrate “how the policies and actions of governments and corporations affect privacy, security, and access to information online.” One such report shows the impact the war in Ukraine is having on how people use Google products, including Maps.

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Google Maps Stories December 20, 2021

Google Maps is testing a new “Dock to bottom” feature on desktop that appears to work like a favorites bar for your most visited locations.

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Google Maps Stories December 7, 2021

There are a slew of apps available with which you can share your location with friends and family. Although they generally work as intended, some of them prompt privacy concerns. Here’s how you can share your location using Google Maps instead.

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Google Maps Stories December 2, 2021

Healthcare providers in Google Search, Maps can now list which insurance they accept

Over the past year, Google listings have gained more attributes and details to better let potential customers learn about a place before visiting. Google Maps, as well as Search, is now letting healthcare providers identify which insurance they accept. 

Google Maps Stories November 19, 2021

How to get ready for a road trip using Google’s travel site and Maps

Due to the pandemic, travel has been slow this past year, and you might be a little rusty when it comes to picking up and traveling somewhere to visit friends and family or just planning a getaway. Whatever the case, Google has a few helpful tools in Google Maps and Google’s travel site to help you get started on making those plans and staying safe along the way.

Google Maps Stories November 18, 2021

Google working to make sure food banks that aren’t online appear in Maps, Search

With a new initiative, Google is working to “expand the information about food banks and pantries in Google Search and Maps” heading into the holidays and as challenges are “compounded by the COVID-19 crisis.” 

Google Maps Stories November 16, 2021

Available starting today, Google Maps is rolling out support for grocery pickup to over 2,000 stores across 30 US states.

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Google Maps Stories November 9, 2021

Google Maps gets Material You bottom bar, but no Dynamic Color yet

Recent Material You rollouts have primarily focused on introducing new widgets, like Drive’s Suggested files, or updated widgets, like shapes for Photos. That said, some apps have yet to be redesigned, but Google Maps now has a Material You bottom bar.

Google Maps Stories November 5, 2021

Undoubtedly the gold standard in the navigation and cemented in the No. 1 position on the mapping charts, Google Maps has now reached the 10 billion download milestone on the Play Store.

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Google Maps Stories October 12, 2021

With Android 12, the “Android Auto for Phone Screens” experience is going away in favor of Google Assistant. That transition is happening for more users as of late, while Assistant Driving Mode can now auto-launch when it connects to your vehicle’s Bluetooth.

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Google Maps Stories October 6, 2021

As part of Sustainable with Google 2021, the company today announced a slew of features across its products that let you make “more sustainable choices.” In Google Maps, this involves launching eco-friendly routing in the US and encouraging bike use with “Lite Navigation.” 

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Google Maps Stories September 29, 2021

The latest addition to Google’s rapidly growing catalog of Android homescreen widgets is a handy search widget for Google Maps.

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Google’s new ‘Address Maker’ app will let communities create functional addresses quickly

Google introduced Plus Codes back in 2018 as an open-source version of typical street addresses, and now the company is ramping up that effort to make it useful to local communities that lack that structure. This will come in the form of a new app, “Address Maker,” which Google will make available for free.

During its “Search On” event this afternoon, Google announced new changes and updates in an effort to better track climate change. Google Maps is adding a new “Fire” layer to its apps as Google’s “Tree Canopy” tool is set for expansion.

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Google Maps Stories September 21, 2021

Android Auto and the various available apps are built with safety and quick interactions in mind. This involves putting controls close to the driver, but that’s not always the case in some parts of the world. To help remedy that, Google Maps in Android Auto can now adapt its UI for right-hand-drive vehicles. 

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Google Maps Stories September 16, 2021

Whether in a new area or just finding the best way to get from point A to point B, Google Maps navigation can be a very valuable tool. However, some users have recently noticed a weird Google Maps bug that randomly changes the voice used for navigation directions.

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Google Maps Stories August 30, 2021

The biggest update to Wear OS in years is out now, albeit with a heavy skin on Samsung’s new hardware. Still, it brings with it some app revamps, including a brand new Google Maps app for Wear OS. Here’s how the updated app works.

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Google Maps Stories August 23, 2021

Google Maps users on Android and iOS today are seeing a new prompt that explicitly permits the app to crowdsource their “navigation data.” Notably, live turn-by-turn navigation will not work unless you agree.

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Google Maps Stories August 11, 2021

The future is much brighter for Wear OS thanks to revamped software and much better hardware, but current watches are left in a weird state of limbo. Today, Google has revealed that its new apps for YouTube Music and Google Maps on Wear OS are coming out very soon, but they won’t come to older models.

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Google Maps Stories August 3, 2021

Google officially announced the Maps for Android dark mode in February and widely rolled it out a month later. The Google Maps dark theme is now officially set to arrive on iPhone and iPad in the coming weeks.

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Google Maps Stories July 28, 2021

Since last year, Google has been continually updating its iPhone and iPad apps with homescreen widgets. Google Maps is now the latest with version 5.74 seeing a pair of useful iOS widgets.

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Google Maps Stories July 21, 2021

Google is updating Maps with a handful of new features today focused on expanding transit crowdedness predictions and an “Insights” addition to the powerful Timeline history.

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Google Maps Stories July 20, 2021

After 16 years of service, Google is about to shut down a service that isn’t very well known. On September 30, 2021 “Google Bookmarks” will be closed off for all users.

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Google Maps Stories July 19, 2021

Google is examining a Scottish route often suggested within Google Maps that has been deemed “potentially fatal.”

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Google Maps Stories July 5, 2021

In March, Google Maps AR navigation was updated to work inside complex buildings. After launching in some US malls, Google is expanding Indoor Live View to transit stations in Japan. 

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Google Maps Stories June 3, 2021

For the past few years, Waymo has been operating in Phoenix, Arizona, as a fully autonomous ride-hailing service. Those in the Metro Phoenix area will now see Waymo One as an option in Google Maps.

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Google Maps Stories May 18, 2021

From AR navigation to business messaging and reviews, Google Maps is a big platform. The latest update today is focused on improving the visual quality of the default Google Maps layer — especially for nature — and adding more street detail.

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Google at I/O 2021 touted that it’s the only mapping platform with AR navigation. Building on that lead, Google Live View can soon be accessed without needing to get directions and just be used to explore the world with augmented reality. 

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Google Maps is set to gain a new “safe routing” option which will take you down less accident-prone roads.

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Google Maps Stories May 15, 2021

Google Maps adds ‘Search COVID-19 vaccines’ encouragement

Over the past year, Google has leveraged its large platforms to display useful, pandemic-related information. The latest is a simple encouragement in Google Maps about finding COVID-19 vaccines near you. 

Google Maps Stories April 28, 2021

If you’re like me, the vaccine shot in your arm means you’re looking into finally taking a trip after staying locked down for a year. To help you travel safely and in line with local guidelines, Google will now send you alerts regarding pandemic-related restrictions at your destination along with other handy travel tools for the COVID era.

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Google Maps Stories April 22, 2021

Google Maps now lets businesses specify what materials they accept for recycling

In addition to company-wide initiatives and deals, Google is marking Earth Day by letting businesses in Maps and Search specify what recycling is available on site. 

Google Maps Stories April 19, 2021

The side panel in Google Workspace apps provide quick access to Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and most recently Voice. Google Calendar on the web now features an add-on for Google Maps.

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Google Maps Stories April 16, 2021

For the past few months, Google has been slowly rolling out its eventual replacement for the phone-based Android Auto experience. The early preview of Assistant Driving Mode is now getting an international launch.

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Google Maps Stories March 30, 2021

Google has announced that Maps will now offer indoor AR directions and can even favor eco-friendly navigation when pointing you from location to location.

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Google Maps Stories March 18, 2021

Since 2019, Google has been rolling out night modes to all of its apps. The last major holdout is Google Maps, but that’s fortunately coming to an end as its dark theme is set to soon launch globally on Android.

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