Just yesterday I wrote a piece voicing frustration over the lack of progress Google has made in bringing features promised half a year ago to Home. Now, the company has added another new service from the promised list — Crackle.

The best gifts for Android users

Integrating Crackle to Google Home is simple, and it’s actually already done. Since Crackle is a free service, you can just ask Google to play content from it on your Chromecast and it will, no account connection required. That’s just like Home’s CW integration, but Crackle does offer quite a bit more in terms of content with various movies and shows, as well as original content.

As Android Police points out, functionality is a bit limited with Crackle on Home so far, as common commands like “play the previous” episode and dubbing don’t work, but all the needed functionality is there.

Now, Google, where are the rest?

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