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Google Home can now read events from shared G Suite calendars for some users

Getting an overview of your daily routine from a Google Home smart speaker is super convenient, but for those of us using G Suite calendars, it simply hasn’t been an option. Now, it appears Google is making it possible for Google Home to read events from shared G Suite calendars.

Google Home Stories December 13

At I/O 2018, Google introduced six new voices for Assistant based on DeepMind’s WaveNet. This allowed users to customize voice interaction on Android phones, Google Home, and now Smart Displays. Google Assistant today is gaining an Australian-accented and British-accented voice for even more customization.

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At Made by Google 2018, the Google Home companion app for Android and iOS was revamped with the Google Material Theme and a focus on controlling all your Assistant smart home devices. Google Home 2.8 continues work on that with a new Routines shortcut to manually invoke macros, and more options for devices.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Google Home Stories December 9

Following deep Black Friday discounts that led to equally deep consternation among early adopters, the Google Store is continuing its holiday offers on the Pixel 3, Home Hub, and Nest smart home bundles. These deals on Made by Google 2018 products start today, with some ending on Christmas Eve.

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Google Home Stories December 6

As smart speakers proliferate and enter people’s homes, voice as a platform continues to develop and mature. Google is now exploring the “future of audio news” on Assistant with Google News and publications around the world. Asking for news on phones or Google Home will become more personalized and better at delivering updates throughout the day.

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Google Home Stories November 29

With the holiday season underway, Google is announcing a slew of new features for Assistant speakers and Smart Displays. This includes the Pretty Please feature for families announced at I/O 2018, Assistant notes and lists integration, Broadcast Replies, and visual lyrics for the Home Hub.

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