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Google Home Stories October 10

Ahead of new Nest devices next week, an updated version of the Home companion client is widely rolling out today. Google Home 2.14.50 confirms ‘Nest Mini’ and interestingly references Stadia.

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Google Home Stories October 8

Google has a whole ecosystem of home Assistant devices from Smart Displays and speakers to Chromecast-connected TVs. With a new “Stream transfer” feature today, all three categories will work better to move playing media from room to room.

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Google Home Stories October 3

Since the launch of the Nest Hub (Google Home Hub at the time), it’s been possible to Duo call your smart display from a phone or call your loved ones from your Nest Hub. Meanwhile, the classic Google Home speakers were left without this handy feature, but not for long. As of now, you can finally place audio calls to your Google Home smart speakers via Google Duo.

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Google Home Stories September 25

We just got some renders for a second gen ‘Google Home 2’ in our tipbox, and they’re almost definitely not the real deal. But they are really well done, and just for fun, we couldn’t not share them. In the gallery below, you’ll see an artist’s concept of a second generation followup to 2016’s Google Home, packing a display up top, Soli radar, and a contactless charging dock…

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Google Home Stories September 19

Google Home app updated with Cast shortcut on Now Playing screen

There are a number of ways to Cast content from your phone to smart devices. The most convenient is when developers integrate the Cast SDK so that controls are built right into the audio or video app. Mirroring your device is another solution, and Google Home 2.14.1 adds shortcuts to make that more apparent.

Google Home Stories September 17

Google Home and Nest speakers gain ability to make mobile calls in Australia

As of today, Google Home and Nest speakers now have the ability to make external mobile calls using voice activation, starting first with Australia.

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