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Google Home Stories January 15

Not too long ago, I was able to treat the Google Assistant with a level of respect due to the entity that fits comfortably between “faceless voice” and “future robot overlord.” Something happened over the holidays though. With the launch of Pretty Please, being nice to the Google Assistant suddenly became an annoyance.

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Google Home Stories January 14

Privacy accessory project stops Google Home from always-listening, allows custom hotwords

One of the more popular, modern conspiracy theories is that your phone is always-listening to serve advertisements. The advent of smart speakers has done nothing to stop that “theory,” but a pair of designers have now created a physical accessory to disrupt Google Home from always recording.

Google Home Stories January 11

Smart home tech began for me with Wi-Fi controlled lighting, and there are a few companies that really shifted my own expectations of what I could do within my home with just a little bit of IoT tech. When the Google Home Mini entered my home over 18 months ago, I didn’t ever anticipate that I’d be spending upwards of $45 on a smart bulb but here we are with a thorough LIFX Mini review and it makes it a key addition to our Google Home Essentials series.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Google Home Stories January 8

Smart speakers help provide answers about the world in a quick and conversational manner, with Assistant devices particularly excelling due to Google Search. At CES 2019, Google is making every Home and Smart Display into a translation device with Interpreter Mode.

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Google Home Stories January 7

With CES 2019 underway, Google is kicking off the Las Vegas trade show by recapping the last year in Assistant. Google also provided some key availability and usage stats for its smart assistant, while teasing developments for the week ahead.

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Google Home Stories January 3

While beneficial for your health, food logging is a particularly time-consuming task that requires finding the meal and then entering the precise amount eaten. Lifesum aims to make this process easier by letting users do it by voice through Google Assistant.

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