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Google Home Stories April 13

Last year, Google introduced presence sensing to power Home & Away Routines. The Google Home app is now using location for an “only ring when home” feature so that Smart Displays and speakers don’t sound for incoming calls when you’re out of the house and cannot answer.

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Google Home Stories April 2

With the last major overhaul in 2019, Google simplified the Home app to have two primary screens from four. Google Home now has settings to customize the “Feed” tab to “choose the types of events” that can appear.

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As it stands today, Google has two distinct apps for managing your Google Wifi and Nest Wifi networks, with Google Wifi and Google Home. Starting next month, the older Google Wifi app is shutting down in favor of the all-in-one Google Home.

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Google Home Stories April 1

Google Home app prompting some users to ‘Connect SimpliSafe’ even without nearby devices

One way Google has been working to improve the smart home experience is with seamless device setup. The Google Home app recommends users to connect nearby devices, though an error today sees some users getting promoted to “Connect SimpliSafe.”

Google Home Stories March 31

At the start of the year, the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max started playing a new sound following a successful Casting connection, and that updated chime is now appearing on Google Home and Nest speakers.

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Google Home Stories March 30

Version 2.35 of the Google Home app is rolling out on Android and iOS with some user-facing tweaks. The Home companion client today also reveals the backside of a new Google Nest device, which could be a next-generation Hello doorbell.

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