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A new survey of smart speaker owners found that only 6% of them are currently using the device to control smart home devices like lighting and heating.

Interestingly, playing music was only the third most common use …

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Google Home Stories Yesterday

Over the past few years, Google has made great strides in the hardware field, and its two most popular by far have been the Chromecast, and Google Home. These devices are truly nothing short of fantastic, but they aren’t perfect. Some massive bugs have plagued the devices in the past, and now it’s been discovered that a bug could have been revealing your physical location.

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Google Home Stories June 12

Google Assistant’s biggest selling point is just how smart it is, and on smart speakers that especially shows its value. Now, Google Home devices are getting even smarter with improved support for multiple queries.

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Google Home Stories June 11

Google Home can now speak in Spanish dialects from US, Mexico, and Spain

One of the most impressive aspects of Google Home and Assistant is the realistic speech that the company achieves. Regardless of language, things sound really natural for the most part. Now, Google is enhancing that for Spanish speakers with support for three new dialects.

Google Home Stories June 1

Smart speakers predicted to overtake wearables in US market this year

Tech research firm eMarketer is predicting dramatic growth in the US smart speaker market, anticipating that it will overtake wearables like smart watches at some point this year …

Google Home Stories May 29

Following the launch of the Google Home Mini in October, the company held pop-up events in various cities across the country. Visiting these “Donut Shops” offered the chance of winning the smart speaker or a pastry. Google is now continuing the marketing blitz with a “Mini Golf course” this summer.

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