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Google Home Stories August 14

Pandora has been one of the longer-standing streaming options on Google Home, but it’s been limited to just automated radio stations until now. Google has today announced that Pandora Premium, the web radio company’s on-demand streaming service, is now available on Google Home devices. expand full story

Google Home Stories August 12

In time for back-to-school, the Google Store is hosting another seasonal sale on Made by Google hardware. Given the rumored proximity to new products, the deals are on the more generous side. The most sought after devices go on sale today, with a number of Home and Chromecast deals going live later in the month.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Google Home Stories August 3

Google Home can recognize the room it’s in to turn off nearby lights, rolling out now

One of the top use cases for a smart speaker like Google Home is controlling smart home devices. Now, thanks to a quiet update, Google is making that feature a little bit smarter…

Google Home Stories July 31

International availability for Google’s hardware is still limited and involves a slow process even after three years. The latest launch is for the Home Max, with Google’s premium Assistant smart speaker coming to Australia on August 9th.

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Google Home Stories July 26

At I/O 2018, Google announced a number of new features for Home smart speakers including six new voices, Continued Conversation, and Multiple Actions. Custom Routines were also introduced to replace Shortcuts and today the feature is gaining the ability to schedule the macros to trigger at set times.

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Google Home Stories July 17

Chromecast Ambient Mode gets revamped Google Home settings, low-bandwidth option

Last week, the latest version of Google Home rolled out with a rename of Backdrops to Ambient Mode. Besides the new branding, the Chromecast screensaver now features redesigned in-app settings and more customization options.

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