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Google Home Stories January 18

Latest Google Play services beta rolling out w/ fix for Chromecast-caused Wi-Fi issues, download here

As promised yesterday, Google has begun rolling out a Google Play services update to users that should fix the reported Wi-Fi slowdowns and outages cause by Chromecast built-in devices (Google Homes, Android TVs, Chromecasts, etc.). In case it hasn’t reached your device yet, you can download the update below…

Google Home Stories January 17

Update to fix slow Wi-Fi speeds caused by Chromecast built-in devices rolling out tomorrow

When reports came out that Home and Chromecast devices were slowing down or even causing temporarily Wi-Fi outages, Google gave us a statement that basically read that the company was looking into it. Now, the company has published an entire support page detailing the problem and what its plan is to fix it…

Google Home Stories January 16

If you happen to own a router from ASUS, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, or Synology, there’s a chance that you’ve been experiencing Wi-Fi issues after setting up a Google Home and or a Chromecast in your house. While a fix is in works, there’s no quick or temporary solution for users having problems.

Have you experienced any Wi-Fi issues since installing a Google Home or Chromecast?

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The Google Home Mini is a fantastic piece of hardware. It’s small, has a decent enough speaker for talking to Google Assistant or listening to music, and it’s inexpensive. The Home Mini’s biggest issue is just the fact that you must have it laying on a surface with a long cable trailing behind it.

While Google and Incipio have partnered together to create a wall mount for the Mini, it just isn’t ideal for those who don’t want to or can’t put holes in their walls. Thankfully, a third-party company has created the perfect solution, mounting the Home Mini to your electrical outlet.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Home Stories January 15

Google’s suite of products in the past few years have been pretty awesome overall, with Chromecast and Home devices among the best. However, there’s now a confirmed issue with multiple routers where Google’s devices are the cause of temporary outages.

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Google Home Stories January 5

Back in November, we learned that for the first time in several years, Google would have an official presence at CES. The company today has taken wraps off its large booth and unsurprisingly it is mostly focused on the Google Assistant.

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