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Google Home Stories October 31

At this month’s hardware event, a revamp of the Google Home app was unveiled alongside the Nest Mini, Wifi, and new Aware subscription. Featuring a consolidated look and more functionality, this redesign is coming to iOS “over the next few days” and already rolling out on Android.

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Google Home Stories October 29

At Made by Google 2019, a revamped Home app was introduced. Rolling out to Android and iOS today, Google Home 2.15 readies Nest Wifi support and migrating Google Wifi units to the new companion client. There are also a handful of strings related to Stadia.

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Google Home Stories October 28

One of the best features of Google’s new Nest Mini speaker is its ability to support stereo pairing for better sound quality. Now, Google is expanding stereo speaker pairing to the original Google Home and Google Home Mini.

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Google Home Stories October 24

Your Google Home speakers and displays get firmware updates fairly often, but they’re installed automatically and you usually don’t notice. However, it seems one of the recent Google Home firmware updates has been bricking some devices and they can’t be fixed.

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Google Home Stories October 21

There are more apps for Google Assistant than you’ll ever use, but apparently it’s also not that difficult to slip malicious apps through the cracks. Apparently, a security research lab managed to develop apps for Google Assistant and Alexa designed for phishing for user’s private information.

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Google Home Stories October 10

Ahead of new Nest devices next week, an updated version of the Home companion client is widely rolling out today. Google Home 2.14.50 confirms ‘Nest Mini’ and interestingly references Stadia.

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