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Google Home Stories October 20

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A week before the October 4th event, we received a tip that a Google Home competitor to the Amazon Echo Show is in the works. Featuring a 7-inch screen, it would reportedly support a number of Google services. Today, a teardown (via Android Police) of the latest beta version of the Google app contains references to such a device and details its functionality.

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Google Home Stories October 19

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You can now cast your favorite HBO Now shows using Google Home

Just days ago, Google officially brought YouTube TV casting support to the Google Home. It now appears as though HBO Now is getting added to the list of services that can be cast. Here’s how to link your HBO Now account to your Google Home

Google Home Stories October 17

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YouTube TV is the latest service that can be cast to your TV from Google Home

One of the Google Home’s best features is its ability to control other smart objects around your house. This extends to casting content directly to your TV. Up until this point, this functionality was limited to shows from Netflix, CBS, and the CW. Starting today, users will also be able to cast content from YouTube TV…

Google Home now has a sleep timer for automatically turning off music

I love listening to music as I fall asleep, but for obvious reasons, it’s not a good thing to leave on all night. Google Home is a very convenient way to fire up a playlist, but until recently, it just kept playing all night long. Now, Google has finally brought a sleep timer to its smart speaker.

Google Home Stories October 11

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Amazon’s Alexa picks up a trick from Google Home, can now recognize multiple voices

When Google Home launched, Amazon’s Alexa platform had a massive headstart in several areas. About a year later, though, I think it’s safe to say Google has turned the tables. Now, Alexa is catching up with Home, and today it’s brought over one of Home’s best new features — multi-user support.

Google Home Stories October 6

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At its big hardware event earlier this week, Google made quite a lot of announcements regarding new features for the Google Home lineup of smart speakers. One of those new features is the ability to ring your smartphone using Google Home to make it a little easier to find. Today, this feature has gone live for all.

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