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Google Home Stories March 27

Wherever you happen to be, you’re now potentially working from home. It’s a strange and interesting new experience for many of you out there who have never done so before, we’re sure.

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Google Home Stories March 23

Last year, the Google Home app was redesigned to only feature two main sections, including a centralized “Feed” that highlights important changes. Google is now rolling out Nest Cam events to the Home app and an improved Lights quick action.

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Google Home Stories March 14

The Google Home app has been getting revamped in a few ways to better support Nest devices and, now, the app is preparing to support emergency calling details on your smart speakers.

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Google Home Stories March 10

[Update: Fixed] August Smart Lock integration is broken for some Google Assistant users

Google Assistant can be a really helpful tool for controlling your smart home, but it’s always frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. Right now, some Google Home owners are reporting that Assistant’s August Smart Lock integration is currently broken at least in part.

Google Home Stories March 2

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know that Google Home speakers and smart displays double as Bluetooth speakers, but they do. For those who’ve been using that functionality over the years, a strange bug has popped up over the past year or so where Google Home devices disconnect from Bluetooth and, now, Google is finally acknowledging the problem.

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Google Home Stories February 25

Google’s flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 phones both have extra features exclusively used when docked on the official Google Pixel Stand wireless charger. Google is preparing to launch another such feature for the Pixel Stand in version 1.4.0 of the companion app, bringing convenient smart home controls via the Google Home app. expand full story

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