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Google Home Stories July 18

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Following a Canadian release last month, Google Home is continuing its international expansion with upcoming launches in Germany and Australia. Availability in the latter country is being coupled with Google Wifi and taking place this week, while Germany will have to wait until early August.

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Google Home Stories July 14

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D-Link’s smart plugs are now supported by Google Home/Google Assistant

Smart plugs are one of my favorite types of smart home accessories, but there are dozens of great options out there and quite a lot of them aren’t supported by Google Assistant yet. Today, though, one of the more popular brands offering smart plugs is getting Assistant support — D-Link.

Google Home Stories July 12

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At I/O 2017, a spate of new features and media integrations were announced for Google Home. The latest allows the smart Google Assistant speaker to stream uploaded and purchased songs from Play Music.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!


Google Home Stories July 5

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Since launching late last year on the Google Home and Pixel handsets, the Google Assistant has gotten smarter and has gained more functionality. Unfortunately, there have been some bugs along the way. The latest issue that is currently plaguing the virtual assistant is the ability to accurately tell the time in Arizona, in which Assistant believes the state to be on the East Coast…

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Google Home Stories June 29

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Announced at I/O 2017, Google Home is beginning to rollout support for Bluetooth streaming. This allows the Home to act as another Bluetooth device that can stream music from an Android or iOS device.

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Google Home Stories June 27

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Google Home’s multi-user support launches in the UK, provides personalized Assistant results

Multiple user support is one of Google Home’s key differentiators from competing speaker assistant devices. After launching in the US earlier this year, it is now expanding internationally, starting with the UK.

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