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The internet was in an uproar today after finding out that Google had added a “Beauty and the Beast” segment to the “My Day” feature found within Assistant on the Google Home and Pixel. Although Google claims that this stunt wasn’t actually an advertisement, the negative public opinion was enough for the Beauty and the Beast piece to get removed.

Do you think Google should have ads read by the Assistant?

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Speaking to the helpful nature of Google Assistant, asking “What’s my day like” plays a summary of your commute, reminders, and calendar events. Today, users have observed that during the ‘My Day’ feature on both phones and Google Home an ad for a new Disney movie plays.

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The LG G6 is coming, but so far, the company has been pretty quiet regarding pricing and availability details for the phone. This week, though, US carriers are finally starting to reveal some of that information, and today, T-Mobile is giving us new details on when it will be offering the phone up for sale, as is rival carrier AT&T.

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Google Home Stories March 15

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Google Home Stories March 14

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Google today has announced an update to its Home app on Android and iOS that makes it easy to stream music from a variety of different music streaming services. Google made the announcement in a blog post, saying that the new feature offers a “dedicated space for all your favorite music.”

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Google Home Stories March 9

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Plenty of new and exciting Google products launched over the last few years have left me underwhelmed. About anyone can tell you that I was high on the Google Glass train for a while (even though I didn’t actually own a pair until it was basically dead), and I’ve written countless times about how I just can’t find any use for Android Wear (or frankly, most wearables). And other more-recent new Google products, like Daydream View, have simply sat in my drawer for months on end.

I don’t know if, until now, any single tech product has entered my life since the smartphone that has ended up being just completely indispensable and necessary. Something like (forgive my rough estimates) 75% percent of my interactions with consumer tech over the last few years have been with either my phone or my laptop. That other 25 percent has been filled with things like traditional television, tapping around on a smartwatch, playing video games, or using some kind of tablet.

With the Google Home now a part of my daily routine, though, these numbers are changing. It’s a minor shift to be sure, but I’m starting to be able to assign a noticeable percentage of my tech interactions to this new product and I’ve found myself feeling somewhat more free from my phone lately…

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