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Google Home Stories April 20

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As hinted at earlier this month, Google Home can now recognize multiple users and deliver personalized Assistant results. Neural networks are used to recognize different voices, with the feature rolling out starting today to Google Home users in the U.S.

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Google Home Stories April 13

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Following its announcement earlier this year, Hyundai has today announced that its integration with Google Assistant is available for BlueLink users on recent Hyundai vehicles.

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Google Home Stories April 12

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Update: Google has seemingly blacklisted the exact sound bite from the ad. Home no longer responds to the question, unless you ask it yourself using your own voice.

Most of us are already annoyed enough with this one aspect of Google Home: It’s not smart enough to know that you’re — or at least someone authorized — the one trying to talk to it. That means it sometimes wakes you up demon-possessed in the middle of the night, and it means it sometimes mistakingly hears other background noise — like your TV, for instance — as trying to wake it up with the “OK Google” command. Starting today, this annoyance is going to get a lot worse.

Burger King will begin airing an annoying new ad during primetime television later today that is made to intentionally — yes, I said intentionally — trigger your Google Home or other Assistant-powered device into telling you about a burger…

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Google Home and Google Assistant do a lot of things, but they don’t integrate as well as they should with Google’s dozens of other services. Slowly but surely, though, Google is changing that. Today, the company has announced another new feature for Google Assistant and thus, Google Home — flight price tracking.

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Google Home Stories April 11

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When Google Home launched, it — through Google Assistant — had the ability to take note of your shopping list and drop the information into Google Keep. Yesterday, Google dropped that system in exchange for a new one where and starting today, it’s live for most people…

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Google Home Stories April 10

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A card spotted in Google’s Home app by tech writer Owen Williams suggests that the connected speaker will soon support multiple users. We’ve since seen the same card ourselves.

It appears that the update was accidentally released early, as there is no other sign of multi-user support beyond a non-functional ‘linked account(s)’ setting, but there is evidence that Google planned this from the start …

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