The Google Home Mini is a no-brainer at it’s $49 price point, and even more so at the $29 price it’ll carry through the end of the year. However, it’s far from a perfect product, as it’s had some pretty serious issues since launch. Now, a new issue is popping up, causing the speaker to shut down while streaming music.

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For many people, streaming music is the primary reason to own a smart speaker, as hands-free control of your tunes is just an excellent use case. However, some Google Home Mini owners are noticing an issue which causes the Google Home Mini to reboot when music is playing on it, but only at high volumes.

Reports on a Google Home subreddit as well as Google’s Product Forums (via Android Police) claim that turning the volume too high while listening to music causes the device to crash and then reboot. The exact level when this reboot kicks in is unclear, but playing songs at full volume often results in the error occurring. Hopefully, this is something Google can fix in a software update.

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