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Google Home Mini Stories April 11

How to factory reset your Google Home, Mini, & Max

Because so much of the Google Home setup process and user experience is through the Home app, it seems logical that the option to factory reset the smart speakers would also be within the application. Oddly enough, it isn’t, and to wipe your devices requires you to press and hold physical buttons on each of the speakers…

Google Home Mini Stories April 10

Google Home and Google Home Mini officially launch in India

Google Home speakers have proven quite popular since their debut, and they’re becoming even more popular as they expand throughout the world. Today, Google has officially made the original Google Home as well as the affordable Google Home Mini available in India.

Google Home Mini Stories March 7

Google Home expands free calls to the UK, live now

There are a lot of Google Home features we absolutely love, but one that many were looking forward to most was hands-free calling. After launching in the US last year, that functionality is now expanding to the UK.

Google Home Mini Stories February 5

How to listen to white noise using Google Home

Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep in a silent room. Thankfully, if you have a Google Home nearby, you can ask it to play white noise. Here’s how to not only have your Home play background noise but also a list of all of the different types of white noise you can fall to sleep to…

Google Home Mini Stories January 31

How to wake up to your favorite music using Google Home

Do you use your Google Home as a bedside alarm clock? Do you wish you could be woken up by a specific song instead of an annoying alarm? Well, it’s possible and here’s how…

Google Home Mini Stories January 16

If you happen to own a router from ASUS, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, or Synology, there’s a chance that you’ve been experiencing Wi-Fi issues after setting up a Google Home and or a Chromecast in your house. While a fix is in works, there’s no quick or temporary solution for users having problems.

Have you experienced any Wi-Fi issues since installing a Google Home or Chromecast?

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