Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available today, if not the best, but its relationship with various operating systems is certainly strained. On Windows, users have wanted Chrome in the Store for a long time, and today, it’s finally happening. Well, it’s kind of happening.

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Just last night, Google released the “Google Chrome Installer” into the Microsoft Store. This simple tool is, obviously, a free download in the Store, but its function is very simple. This “app” doesn’t actually give you Chrome, but rather a way to install the company’s browser, by downloading it from the standard Chrome download page.

Needless to say, this is a big middle finger to those who have been hoping to get Chrome itself in the Microsoft Store, and it also shows that Google simply isn’t planning to do that. As The Verge points out, Google does have a good reason to do so. Since Chrome runs on top of a Blink rendering engine, Microsoft won’t allow it since it only allows browsers that use HTML and JavaScript engines. In short, Google would have to completely remake Chrome specifically for Windows.

It’s also important to note that just because this installer is live in the Microsoft Store, it still doesn’t work with Windows 10 S. Despite that, if you aren’t using Chrome already and want to try the installer out, it’s available now.

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