Microsoft Stories September 20

Windows 11’s Android app support is coming to these 20+ regions with Amazon Appstore

Windows made a big move last year in onboarding the Amazon Appstore – a place to download Android apps onto your Windows machine. Since the release, Windows has expanded Amazon Appstore availability to over 20 regions and countries.

Microsoft Stories July 19

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a unique dual-screen smartphone that has really never managed to stick the landing. But as it turns out, there was a third model in the pipeline, a mid-range Surface Duo that was built from plastic and popped up on eBay to give us a look at what could have been.

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Microsoft Stories May 24

Windows 11 is adding support for Android apps and the Amazon Appstore in five new countries

Since the beginning of 2022, more Android apps have come to Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore preview. This app marketplace allows Windows 11 users to experience Android apps right from their PC. Now, that functionality of Windows 11 is expanding to five new countries.

Microsoft Stories April 1

Given its lack of a first-party mobile OS, Microsoft is firmly invested in offering its services on Android, while also being an OEM with the Surface Duo. The company has now created a dedicated Android division internally.

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Microsoft Stories February 16

After confirming the move some time ago, Microsoft has officially announced that over 1,000 Android apps are now available on the Windows 11 operating system via the Amazon Appstore Preview.

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Microsoft Stories January 5

Microsoft’s Surface Duo debuted in 2020 as a unique take on a dual-screen device, but it launched with plenty of software issues that prevented it from being a success. Making matters worse, Microsoft just went an entire year without bringing Android 11 to the Surface Duo, though on the bright side, it sounds like Android 12L will be coming in the future.

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Microsoft Stories November 9, 2021

Microsoft’s latest endeavor to replicate the success of Chrome OS is an operating system especially designed for K-8 classrooms. Windows 11 SE is cloud-first and meant to be simple for students, teachers, and school alike, while Microsoft is also releasing the Surface Laptop SE, which starts at $249.

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Microsoft Stories November 2, 2021

The ability to share your copy/paste clipboard between your phone and computer is a neat trick, but one that’s not always been very easy on Android devices. In its latest update, Microsoft has just granted the ability to sync your clipboard across Windows and Android, thanks to SwiftKey.

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Microsoft Stories September 22, 2021

Microsoft announced its first foldable in October of 2019, but did not ship the phone until almost a year later. The end result was not too groundbreaking, but Redmond is trying again with the Surface Duo 2. 

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Microsoft Stories September 1, 2021

As rumored, Microsoft announced today that it will be hosting a hardware event at the end of this month. Inviting people “to see what’s next,” the Surface Duo 2 will likely be introduced on September 22.

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Microsoft Stories August 25, 2021

Google’s Chromebooks play best with Google Drive and its associated apps, but others are available, including Microsoft Office. However, Microsoft is about to pull the plug on supporting its Android app on Chrome OS.

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Microsoft Stories July 26, 2021

The first Android smartphone from Microsoft, the Surface Duo, was an ambitious dual-screen device with some clever ideas but a lot of flaws based on most reviews. The device has been expected to get a sequel for some time, and now, a leak is showing off what the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 might bring to the table.

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Microsoft Stories June 24, 2021

As “one small surprise,” Microsoft revealed today that Android apps are coming to Windows 11. This is being done through an integration with the Amazon Appstore.

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Microsoft Stories June 10, 2021

Xbox Game Pass to get Series X upgrade and full browser support in coming weeks

Microsoft has announced that their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate streaming is set to gain Series X upgrades and full support for Chrome and more in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Stories May 25, 2021

Xbox Game Pass update turns the Surface Duo into a portable console

Microsoft has confirmed the rollout of an update to the Xbox Game Pass app specifically aimed at the Surface Duo that will effectively turn the dual-screen foldable into a portable Xbox console.

Microsoft Stories April 30, 2021

While Google Chrome is undoubtedly the biggest browser across desktop and mobile, Microsoft Edge is set to add a tab sharing feature between the Chromium-based browser and the Android counterpart.

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Microsoft Stories March 15, 2021

For better or worse, the foldable dual-screen Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first Android phone, was one of the most interesting devices launched last year. According to a new report, a successor to the Surface Duo is in the works to be launched later this year.

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Microsoft Stories March 12, 2021

Microsoft famously started running the Scroogled attack ad campaign almost a decade ago, and has recently been targeting Google again in front of governments in the realm of the news media. Ahead of congressional testimony today from Redmond’s president, Google published a scathing rebuttal that goes after Microsoft’s “naked corporate opportunism.”

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Microsoft Stories March 8, 2021

The latest Alpha update for Xbox One and Series consoles updates the Microsoft Edge browser to the more recent version based on Google’s Chromium, and players have already found a way to run Stadia.

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Microsoft Stories March 3, 2021

Microsoft is reportedly upgrading xCloud streaming w/ Xbox Series X backend, 1080p

While streaming isn’t the focus of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, it is an increasingly important part of the subscription service. Now, it looks like Microsoft is about to address one of xCloud’s biggest limits by upgrading streaming resolution to 1080p.

Microsoft is publicly sharing its efforts to improve Google’s Flutter SDK with better support for foldable devices, particularly the Surface Duo.

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Microsoft Stories February 15, 2021

In the opinion of a lot of gamers, Xbox Game Pass and its xCloud streaming is the pinnacle of game streaming today, but it can be hard to see it that way when Microsoft’s offering lags behind on resolution, stream quality, and device support. Now, Microsoft is testing the ability to stream Xbox games through the browser, playing catchup with Stadia, GeForce Now, and Luna.

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Microsoft Stories February 3, 2021

Microsoft rebrands Office Lens and adds enhanced scanning features

Microsoft is on a roll at this early stage of 2021 with several Android app overhauls already underway. Another notable but important change is to Office Lens, which has now officially been rebranded to “Microsoft Lens.” That’s not all, as the app has also added some much-needed new scanning features.

Microsoft OneDrive for Android receives homescreen overhaul, 8K video playback support

Microsoft OneDrive for Android is now receiving a bit of an overhaul while simultaneously adding support for Samsung Motion Photos and 8K video playback.

Microsoft Stories October 26, 2020

Swiftkey on Android may gain Windows 10 clipboard sync feature

Although Swiftkey might not be the most popular or most used Android keyboard, a neat new clipboard sync between your smartphone and Windows 10 PC is in the works.

Microsoft Stories September 22, 2020

Microsoft has announced that its brand new Xbox app on Android will let you stream your entire Xbox One game library to your smartphone completely free.

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Microsoft Stories August 25, 2020

[Update: v6.2 rollout] Microsoft Launcher v6 adds landscape mode, new wallpapers, updated Feed, more

The latest Microsoft Launcher v6 update is now rolling out with a number of fixes and support for landscape orientation for your homescreen.

Microsoft Stories August 24, 2020

During the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked livestream, the South Korean firm talked up even tighter collaborations with Microsoft. This is manifesting itself with Android app control on selected Galaxy devices when using the Microsoft Your Phone app.

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Microsoft Stories August 13, 2020

Microsoft Surface Duo to get 3 years of OS and security updates

On the back of Microsoft officially confirming the release date of the folding Surface Duo, the Redmond-based firm also confirmed that it will receive 3 years of Android OS and security updates.

Microsoft Stories August 12, 2020

Microsoft’s $1,399 Surface Duo doesn’t include NFC because it wasn’t ‘fundamental’

Microsoft officially confirmed the final details on its ambitious Surface Duo today, and well, the spec sheet is a little lackluster given the price tag. One notable omission is NFC and Microsoft has addressed why it’s not available on Surface Duo.

Microsoft has quietly and most importantly officially confirmed the asking price and release date of its first foldable Android device — the Surface Duo.

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Microsoft Stories August 4, 2020

[U: Sept. 15] Microsoft’s Project xCloud streaming going public in Sept. as part of Xbox Game Pass

The next big step in gaming is game streaming, as evidenced by Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia launching competing services. As Project xCloud readies its launch in September, Microsoft is finally explaining the service’s pricing and its integration with Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Stories August 3, 2020

Microsoft is set to kill off its Halo-inspired voice assistant Cortana on Android and iOS from January 2020 in select regions.

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Microsoft Stories July 29, 2020

Microsoft Family Safety brings parental controls and more for Android and iOS

Microsoft has launched a new app called Family Safety, bringing cross-device parental controls for Android, iOS, Windows, and Xbox.

Microsoft Stories July 15, 2020

Microsoft Outlook for Android adding ‘Play My Emails’ feature

Microsoft has announced a ton of new features for Microsoft 365 that includes Outlook for Android. The latest feature is Play My Emails, which appeared on the iOS version of Outlook late last year.

Microsoft Stories July 14, 2020

Microsoft is at it again and has added a very crafty Bing Search shortcut to Android devices via the popular Outlook email app.

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Microsoft Stories July 13, 2020

It looks as though Microsoft and Google are teaming up to improve the progressive web app (PWA) experience across devices ⁠— including Android.

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Microsoft Stories July 7, 2020

One of our most hotly anticipated Android devices of this year, here at 9to5Google, has surprisingly been a foldable Android from Microsoft — the Surface Duo. A new report details — and we’ve confirmed — that Microsoft has moved its development of the Surface Duo’s flavor of Android to be in-house.

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Microsoft Stories June 24, 2020

Microsoft’s Defender antivirus is now available on Android

Microsoft Defender is now available to download and protect your Android device from the threat of viruses and malware.

Microsoft Stories June 19, 2020

Microsoft Launcher Preview adds app drawer folders, three-row docks, more

The Microsoft Launcher Preview has gained some much-needed customization options in the latest update including app drawer folders, the ability to have a three-row dock, plus more.

Microsoft Stories May 21, 2020

Third-party keyboards have been a part of Android for years now, and SwiftKey has been a popular option from what feels like the beginning. Microsoft acquired SwiftKey back in 2016 for $250 million and, now, the app is getting a rebrand.

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Microsoft Stories May 12, 2020

Microsoft Family Safety app comes to Android and iOS in early beta

The public beta for the recently announced Microsoft Family Safety app is now up and running for those on Android and iOS.

Microsoft Stories April 30, 2020

Thanks to a new update to the Microsoft Your Phone app, you can now control music and podcast directly on your Android smartphone from your PC.

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Microsoft Stories April 16, 2020

Microsoft Launcher Preview v6.2 testing return of themes and more backup options

Microsoft Launcher v6 Preview launched in January 2020, but it came without a few popular features including themes, and the backup and restore function.

Microsoft Stories April 13, 2020

For those with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, file transfers between Windows 10 and your mobile device are set to get even easier, thanks to the latest Microsoft Your Phone app.

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Microsoft Stories April 1, 2020

Pixel 4 Face Unlock support comes to Microsoft OneDrive

The distinct lack of apps that support Face Unlock on the Pixel 4 is disappointing, but to ease that frustration, Microsoft has now added the biometric security option to OneDrive.

Microsoft Stories March 17, 2020

The novel coronavirus — COVID-19 — has been spreading around the globe and things are only getting worse in many regions. With that in mind, some of the biggest tech companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more are committing to battling misinformation around the coronavirus outbreak.

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Microsoft Stories March 13, 2020

Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app has become a powerful tool for Windows 10 users who also have an Android phone, and now, it’s getting even better. With an update rolling out now, Samsung Galaxy S20 users can copy and paste clipboard content between Windows and Android as well as use RCS messaging.

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