Microsoft Stories March 15

For better or worse, the foldable dual-screen Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first Android phone, was one of the most interesting devices launched last year. According to a new report, a successor to the Surface Duo is in the works to be launched later this year.

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Microsoft Stories March 12

Microsoft famously started running the Scroogled attack ad campaign almost a decade ago, and has recently been targeting Google again in front of governments in the realm of the news media. Ahead of congressional testimony today from Redmond’s president, Google published a scathing rebuttal that goes after Microsoft’s “naked corporate opportunism.”

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Microsoft Stories March 8

The latest Alpha update for Xbox One and Series consoles updates the Microsoft Edge browser to the more recent version based on Google’s Chromium, and players have already found a way to run Stadia.

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Microsoft Stories March 3

Microsoft is reportedly upgrading xCloud streaming w/ Xbox Series X backend, 1080p

While streaming isn’t the focus of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, it is an increasingly important part of the subscription service. Now, it looks like Microsoft is about to address one of xCloud’s biggest limits by upgrading streaming resolution to 1080p.

Microsoft is publicly sharing its efforts to improve Google’s Flutter SDK with better support for foldable devices, particularly the Surface Duo.

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Microsoft Stories February 15

In the opinion of a lot of gamers, Xbox Game Pass and its xCloud streaming is the pinnacle of game streaming today, but it can be hard to see it that way when Microsoft’s offering lags behind on resolution, stream quality, and device support. Now, Microsoft is testing the ability to stream Xbox games through the browser, playing catchup with Stadia, GeForce Now, and Luna.

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