Microsoft Stories April 18

If you’re a Windows user like me, you’ll probably remember when you set up your machine and tried to change the default browser from Edge to Chrome. Microsoft pushes Edge hard on Windows 10, and doesn’t really do any favors for Google’s browser. However, the company has recently made its Browser Protection tool available on Chrome… expand full story

Microsoft Stories February 21

Be My Eyes for Android adding Microsoft tech support for blind or impaired customers

The Android app Be My Eyes announced that it will be offering support for blind or impaired customers through Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk in the latest release of the app.

Microsoft Stories December 19, 2017

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available today, if not the best, but its relationship with various operating systems is certainly strained. On Windows, users have wanted Chrome in the Store for a long time, and today, it’s finally happening. Well, it’s kind of happening.

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Ready to try the Pixelbook?

Microsoft Stories November 21, 2017

Skype removed from Chinese Android app stores after request from Ministry of Public Security

Skype has been removed from Android app stores in China following a request from the Ministry of Public Security …

Microsoft Stories October 5, 2017

Microsoft brings its Edge browser beta to Android with ‘continue on PC’ feature

In addition to releasing a new Android launcher, Microsoft today is releasing its Edge browser preview for Android through its Windows Insider program as a part of its latest mobile efforts.

Microsoft’s own mobile platform isn’t quite dead, but it’s pretty obvious at this point that, even for Windows fans, it’s not going anywhere fast. The company hasn’t been too shy about offering its services on other platforms and today it has released a new Android launcher that wants to keep you connected to your PC.

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