The OnePlus 5 was one of our favorite phones of 2017, and its brother, the OnePlus 5T, brings even more to the table. However, the OnePlus 5 was first to Oreo, but now, that rollout is being stopped…

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As noted on OnePlus’ forums, the global Android Oreo release built with Oxygen 5.0 is not just being halted, but canceled altogether. OnePlus says that this is because of a bug, but it doesn’t provide any further information on that front. Instead of resuming the rollout of 5.0 with the bug fixed, OnePlus is ditching that version and moving on to Oxygen 5.1.

In better news, though, OnePlus has delivered on a previous promise. In its latest Oxygen OS open beta build, the OnePlus 5 is picking up support for Face Unlock. The feature works on the 5 just as it does on the 5T, but it won’t be rolling out to everyone for a fair bit. If you want to try it now, though, that build is available for download.

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