We’ve been expecting Chrome OS to pick up some new form factors this year, and last month the first Chrome OS tablet was finally delivered. Now, it’s looking like the “Atlas” Chromebook we’ve been hearing about may end up being one of the first “detachable” Chromebooks.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

We’ve heard a lot regarding “detachables” coming as Chromebooks in recent months. This form factor is most easily compared to Microsoft’s popular Surface Book, where the tablet holds most of the device’s power, with a keyboard dock turning the setup into a laptop with extra battery life.

“Nautilus” is expected to be one of the first Chromebooks using this form factor, but “Atlas” may end up being in that same group. According to a couple of commits discovered by ChromeUnboxed, the “Atlas” board is going to be using some of the same tech as “Poppy,” a baseboard which is being used on a couple of Chromebooks expected to be detachables.

Nothing is concrete, of course, but from everything we’re seeing surrounding this mysterious “Atlas” device, it’s looking like a killer machine. A 4K tablet with a design along these lines could be a very compelling option. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see…

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