Last year saw a new beginning for Chrome OS with the arrival of Android apps and the hardware suited for it. One of the headliners of that movement was the Samsung Chromebook Pro, an excellent laptop convertible. There’s not much to have an issue with on this machine, but one thing I felt it lacked was a backlit keyboard. Now, Samsung has quietly added that…

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When you’re buying a “premium” laptop, you generally expect it to have a good build, good display, excellent performance, and a solid keyboard which is also backlit. Samsung nailed just about everything with the Pro, but the lack of a backlit keyboard turned quite a few users away from the machine and to alternatives.

Over the weekend, though, it was discovered that Samsung has quietly started selling a version of the Chromebook Pro that offers this feature. First spotted by ChromeUnboxed, the new variant doesn’t change the design or specs of the machine, but adds the much-requested feature, as we expected a while back.

Right now, this model is on sale only from Samsung, and you’ll be paying a full $599 for it. That’s $100 over the base model, and matching the 64GB model that debuted a while back. Personally, I’d wait a bit for sales to start hitting, but I’m glad to see Samsung fixing one of the Pro’s biggest flaws, even if it took almost a year.

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