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October 2016 - April 2020

The Chromebook Pro is Samsung’s flagship Chromebook. The laptop has a rotating hinge and a specialized S Pen-like stylus built-in.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories April 9, 2020

Samsung Chromebook Pro prepares overdue support for Linux apps on Chrome OS

Samsung’s Chromebook Pro helped usher in a new era of Chromebooks, but over time it’s missed out on some things. The biggest complaint of many has been the lack of Linux app support on the Samsung Chromebook Pro but, now, it looks like that’s finally arriving.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories April 16, 2018

Samsung Chromebook Pro quietly launches new variant with backlit keyboard in tow

Last year saw a new beginning for Chrome OS with the arrival of Android apps and the hardware suited for it. One of the headliners of that movement was the Samsung Chromebook Pro, an excellent laptop convertible. There’s not much to have an issue with on this machine, but one thing I felt it lacked was a backlit keyboard. Now, Samsung has quietly added that…

Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories December 2, 2017

Google offering 6 months of Netflix for free with Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Pro/Plus

Chromebooks often come with enticing offers, mostly involving Google’s own products. A Google Play gift card here, a few hundred gigabytes of Drive storage there, it’s all been done. But now, Google is offering 6 months of Netflix with a select few Chromebooks.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories December 1, 2017

Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Pro/Plus support ‘pinch to zoom’ trackpad gesture

There was word earlier this year that a handful of Chromebook models were going to add new capabilities to the trackpad, including a “pinch-to-zoom” feature which is absent from most models. Now, that feature is live on a couple of machines.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories November 24, 2017

Samsung’s Chromebook Pro is one of the best Chrome OS devices you can pick up right now, but it’s not perfect by any means. One of the biggest features it lacks compared to other high-end Chromebooks is a backlit keyboard, but it seems the company may be fixing that…

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories October 21, 2017

2017 started off great for Chrome OS with the debut of a bunch of new hardware, highlighted be options from Samsung and ASUS. The Chromebook Plus, Pro, and C302CA are some of the best options on the market, but they’ve just been outdone by Google’s Pixelbook. In an effort to bring more high-powered options to the market, Samsung and ASUS apparently have some pretty major upgrades in the pipeline.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories July 7, 2017

A lot of people have a negative outlook on Google’s Chrome OS ecosystem, but with a new slew of hardware for 2017 and a ton of major improvements to the OS and what it is capable of, everyone has good reason to give Google’s OS another look.

One of the best machines running Chrome OS is the Samsung Chromebook Pro. The $549 machine can, and should, be looked at as a flagship device, showing off the best this platform has to offer. After using it for a few weeks, I can definitely say it lives up to that. Here are a five reasons why you should consider buying it.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories May 22, 2017

Samsung confirms Chromebook Pro’s May 28 release date w/ $550 pricetag

The Samsung Chromebook Pro, the higher-spec version of the Chromebook Plus that we reviewed earlier this year, is finally coming to the market. After first showing up on Amazon for pre-order last week, Samsung has now confirmed that the long-awaited Chromebook will be available for purchase on May 28th…

Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories May 14, 2017

At CES 2017 back in January, we got our first look at the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro. Powered by higher specs than the average budget Chromebook, these two premium devices were made to run full Android applications on top of Chrome OS. After a bit of a delay, Samsung has posted the Chromebook Pro on Amazon for pre-order…

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories March 17, 2017

2017 has seen two big consumer-facing Chromebook releases so far: the Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro, and the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA. Both are a part of the “third phase” of Chromebook design I explained in my Chromebook Plus review, which means that both are clearly designed with Android apps in mind.

I’ve been using both of these machines for the past couple of weeks, and in that time, I’ve come to form opinions about both, and see the strengths and weaknesses of each. So, let’s take a closer look at how the Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro and ASUS C302CA compare…

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories January 5, 2017


There’s not a ton to get excited about at CES 2017, but two devices we’ve been eager to check out are the ASUS Chromebook Flip 2 and the Samsung Chromebook Pro & Plus. Today, we’ve finally been able to lay our hands on Samsung’s latest Chromebook option.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories January 4, 2017


Today at CES 2017, Samsung unveiled its long-awaited Chromebook Pro alongside the previously unheard of Samsung Chromebook Plus. Both Chromebooks are designed specifically with Google Play in mind, as being the first Chromebooks ever with support for a stylus.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories October 25, 2016


Samsung’s soon-to-be-announced Chromebook Pro leaked out last month through Samsung itself and through multiple retailers, but those product pages were quickly taken down. We did get a good look at the device and what it will bring to the table, but some information was lost with those listings.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro Stories October 14, 2016


Well, this one certainly came out of nowhere. Thanks to the eagle-eyed team at ChromeUnboxed, we’ve just got our first early look at a new Chromebook, the Samsung Chromebook Pro, before its official announcement.

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