Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing tidbits about Google revamping Chrome’s new tab page with the ability to customize the background with an image. Today, that feature has finally popped up in Chrome Canary so we can finally see what it looks like.

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Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we are now able to check out this functionality in action on the latest Chrome Canary release. Simply placed on the new tab page as we expected, there’s a new settings icon in the bottom right corner which, when pressed, gives you the option to customize the background of the new tab page.

Once you select the “Chrome Wallpapers” option, a dialog box comes up which hosts a collection of different wallpaper categories. The wallpapers themselves are also seen in Chrome OS, Google’s wallpaper app for Android, and even in the collection of “backdrop” wallpapers seen on Chromecast, as previously discovered. There’s also a “Daily Refresh” option to constantly swap out the wallpaper on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, we still can’t see exactly what the wallpapers look like when they’re applied. The feature is mostly complete at this point, but the “Done” button which actually applies the wallpaper is currently broken. That’s a shame, but it’s clear that Google is actively working on delivering this feature soon. Hopefully, the next update will fix things and we’ll get a smooth transition to more stable releases.

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