Google is always working to make Chrome the best it can be, and recently the company has been giving the omnibox some attention. This week, an update to Chrome has brought favicons to search suggestions.

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Chrome’s omnibox, if you’re not familiar, is a powerful tool which works as the standard address bar, but also as a fully functional Google search bar. It even integrates handy tools like a calculator and weather details.

Last month, Google revealed that it was making some changes to the look of the omnibox, as well as adding some more colorful attributes. In line with that, the company is currently rolling out a change in the Canary channel of Chrome that adds favicons to your URL suggestions.

This change was first spotted by Chrome Story, and it’s pretty straightforward. Simply put, your standard URL suggestions will now show favicons for sites instead of generic page or favorite icons.

To enable this change, you’ll first need to be using the Canary channel of Google Chrome. From there, head into flags and enable the one listed below. This feature should be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS users.


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