Wi-Fi calling is a great way to improve your call quality or make up for a lack of service, but one thing I’ve noticed is that our smartphones feel the constant need to tell us about that functionality being turned on. That really annoys me, especially on Samsung devices where the notification is visible all of the time. So, if you’re like me and want to hide that notification, here’s how to do so.

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How to hide the Wi-Fi calling notification on Samsung devices

  1. Long press the Wi-Fi calling notification
  2. Access notification details
  3. Adjust the notification importance

For me, the annoyance of this notification isn’t just that it shows up. Rather, it’s that it constantly shows up in the midst of important notifications and shows an icon in the status bar at all times. That’s just irritating no matter how you slice it.

1. Long press the Wi-Fi calling notification

To hide this notification, we’re not going to totally disable it since that could affect functionality. Rather, we’re going to minimize it and take that notification out of the status bar. To do this, we’re first going to need to access the notification itself. Long-press on the notification to see other options, and from there tap details.

2. Access notification details

Once you’ve accessed the notification details, you should see three main options for “App icon badges,” followed by the different categories for this notification. Both of these should be labeled Wi-Fi Calling, but to hide the notification we’re going to go into the first option.

3. Adjust the notification importance

Android treats all notifications based on levels of importance, and by default, the Wi-Fi calling notification is set to medium or high, meaning it’s shown just like any other notification. You can tap this setting to adjust that to Low. Once changed, the notification immediately loses its icon in the status bar, and also shows as a minimized notification which is always pushed to the bottom of your notification list.

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