Basics Stories March 31

How to use a USB mic with Android

Can you use a USB mic with Android? Using an external microphone with your Android smartphone used to be pretty straightforward. All you had to do was plug one into the headphone jack. Now, however, that very jack is going the way of the Dodo. So if you want to use an external mic with your Android phone, what are your options?

Basics Stories March 30

How to mute coronavirus-related content on Twitter

It’s great to stay informed about what’s going on in the world, but it’s also very much possible to be over-informed. As the novel coronavirus wreaks havoc on the world, one of the easiest ways to control your level of information intake is Twitter mute filters. I needed them, so I thought you might too. Here’s how to cut down on coronavirus content on Twitter…

Basics Stories March 18

If you are not content with the most recent Android 11 Developer Preview build on your Google Pixel, it’s probably music to your ears knowing that you can downgrade your OS to a stable Android 10 build if you encounter any major problems.

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How to adjust vibrate setting on Samsung Galaxy S20

Our smartphones deliver hundreds of notifications and often many phone calls on a daily basis, but always having an audible ringer can sometimes be inappropriate. If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S20, you’ve of course got access to a vibrate setting, and here’s how you can adjust the strength of it.

Basics Stories March 12

Now seems about the best time to teach you how to properly clean and sanitize your Android smartphone, as the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus heightens our awareness of personal hygiene. While the best way to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses is still washing your hands vigorously, it’s not quite as obvious how best to clean your tech.

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Basics Stories March 8

How to use gesture navigation on the Samsung Galaxy S20

Android 10 introduced a new system of gestures to the platform, and they’re pretty great! These new gestures can be found on any phone shipping with Android 10, including Samsung’s Galaxy S20. Here’s how to turn them on.

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