Following Chrome and YouTube, Google is bringing an Incognito Mode to Google Maps soon to help users easily keep searches they don’t want linked to their account private.

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This year, Google will bring Incognito Mode to the Google Maps app, as shown off on stage at Google I/O 2019. If you tap on your profile photo in Google Maps, a menu will expand which houses options for your account data, but also this new Incognito Mode option.

When turned on, Incognito Mode in Google Maps will hide any data you create when using the mode and not link it to your account. Presumably, this means it won’t influence other services from using that location data. Google says that the places you search or navigate to won’t be linked to your Google Account.

There’s no clear timeline on when this will launch, but Google says that Maps and Search will both get Incognito Mode this year.


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