Awareness API Stories June 16, 2017

One of the more interesting developments from last year’s Google I/O was the Awareness API. By understanding current context, Android apps can intelligently react based on what’s happening. The API is now being updated with Semantic Time support that automatically handles localization for developers.

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Awareness API Stories May 19, 2016


Update 6/27: The Google Awareness API is now available to all developers as part of Play Services 9.2. Using seven types of context, apps can intelligently react to what users are doing. The Snapshot API lets developers request information about the user’s current context, while the Fence API lets an app react to changes in a user’s context.

Google worked closely with several partners, including real estate site Trulia to suggest open houses and SuperPlayer Music to suggest music to match the mood. New developer documentation provides more details on how to implement.

With Assistant, Google wants to build technology that is conversational and helpful. Many of the company’s services are being updated to be more useful and Google wants third-party apps to be the same. With the new Awareness API, developers will be able to build apps that intelligently react to a user’s current situation.

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