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Google Assistant Stories October 19

The new Google Assistant has had a look of its own since it launched on the Pixel in 2019. Google looked to be bringing elements of that interface to other devices with a UI that we dubbed as being “compact.” NGA is now losing its original transparent look.

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Google Assistant Stories October 17

Back in August, a “Hey Google, show me my day” command was added to quickly launch Assistant’s recap feed on Android. Google also previewed a number of other Assistant Snapshot features coming, with “Catch up on news” and a FAB with shortcuts now widely available.

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Google Assistant Stories October 16

Assistant adds ‘Hey Google, where do I vote?’ command on phones, Smart Displays

With 18 days til US elections, Google is rolling out a number of features across Assistant, Maps, and Search that will help people vote.

[Update: Spotify support] Google Assistant adds settings to select default podcast service

Google today lets users set their preferred video, music, radio service for use on Assistant Smart Displays, speakers, and phones. Google Assistant now has a settings page for podcast services.

Google Assistant Stories October 15

Google’s last announcement at Search On 2020 will likely be its most popular. Starting today, you can “Hum to Search” using Google to find out what song has been stuck in your head.

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Beyond phones and Smart Displays/speakers, Google Assistant is available on a slew of other devices. Google today is highlighting other form factors that recently launched with Assistant, including Samsung TVs and Fitbit.

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