Google Assistant Stories August 13

GOOG: 914.39


Android Wear 2.0 brought a lot of big changes to Google’s wearable version of the Android OS — one of those highlights being Google Assistant. Unfortunately, a lot of Android Wear users are now reporting a bug that essentially renders the Google Assistant useless…

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Google Assistant Stories August 8

GOOG: 926.79


Back at Google’s developer conference, it was announced that the company would update the Home to allow for phone calls to be made through the smart speaker. Thanks to a teardown of the most recent Google app, we know that we are now one day closer to that functionality becoming available.

Do you plan to use your Google Home to make phone calls?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Assistant Stories August 2

GOOG: 930.39


Actions on Google first launched on Google Home in December of last year before expanding to Android and iOS at I/O 2017 in May. Those launches were mostly local to the US, but Google is today making them available in British English for the United Kingdom.

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Google Assistant Stories August 1

GOOG: 930.83


Over the last couple of months, we have seen more and more code commits to the Chrome OS project that hint at the addition of Google Assistant and new keyboard function keys. Now, a screenshot has leaked which appears to show how Google plans to update the Chromebook keyboard layout…

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Google Assistant Stories July 26

GOOG: 947.80


Last week, we reported that commits throughout code for Chrome OS had been spotted that revealed the incoming launch of Google Assistant on Chrome OS. This was evident thanks to code referring to keyboard shortcuts that would allow the Assistant to be prompted.

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Google Assistant Stories July 25

GOOG: 950.70


Google Assistant debuted last year in an ever-competitive market. With Amazon’s Alexa dominating the game, it had a ton of ground to make up for. In yesterday’s Alphabet earnings call, Google CEO (and recently appointed Alphabet board member) Sundar Pichai made mention of how many Assistant devices are now available, and it’s a pretty incredible statistic.

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