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AI assistants have entered our lives in a way we’ve long dreamed about in Sci-Fi stories, being available in our homes, phones, laptops, and most recently our cars. As these assistants become a part of our daily workflow, the ability to call for them certainly needs to become standardized. Google has taken a major step toward the standardization of AI assistants by making the “assistant” key an officially recognized button.

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Google Assistant Stories April 17

At CES 2019, Philips Hue announced Google Assistant integration for its sleep and wake up feature. In time for spring, ‘Gentle Sleep & Wake’ for Google Home and Hue smart lighting is launching today.

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In cars, Google Assistant provides distraction-free help without having to interact with touchscreens. It’s already accessible through Android Auto and Google Maps on your existing phone, but Google at CES announced a new class of Assistant device to improve the experience by adding dedicated mics. Today, the Anker Roav Bolt is launching for Android and in beta on iOS.

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Google Assistant Stories April 16

It’s pretty impressive how quickly Google Assistant has spread to third-party smart speakers, and one of the first offerings came from Insignia. Today, it’s been confirmed that Insignia has officially discontinued both of its Google Assistant smart speakers.

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Google Assistant Stories April 14

Pixel Launcher’s ‘At A Glance’ widget to add Assistant-powered ‘Intelligent Tips,’ reminders

Google has been experimenting with adding some new functionality to the At A Glance widget on its Pixel smartphones. In the current beta, the company is testing out new Intelligent Tips and Reminders for the At A Glance widget on Pixel Launcher.

Google Assistant Stories April 11

How to use Google Home to activate Do Not Disturb on your Android smartphone

Google Assistant is full of awesome tricks, and recently it’s just added another. Here’s how to activate Do Not Disturb on your smartphone using just a single voice command with a nearby Google Home device.

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