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Google Assistant Stories Yesterday

The Nvidia Shield TV is easily the best Android TV box you can buy today, and it just seems to be getting better with updates. Following a promotion which teased the functionality earlier this month, Nvidia is detailing all of the new controls you can use with a Google Home and the Shield TV.

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Google Assistant Stories October 17

Quite a while back, Google opened the Assistant to other device manufacturers, which created the opportunity for Google Home experiences with a greater audio experience than Google’s own speakers offer. SōLIS is one of many brands seeking to do so this year with their new SO-2000 smart speaker.

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Google Assistant Stories October 16

Google Assistant, Search adds Best Buy and Nike as Shopping Actions partners

In March, Google introduced a universal Express shopping cart shared by both Assistant and Search on mobile, desktop, as well as Home devices. Heading into the holiday season, Google is announcing new Shopping Actions partnerships with major brands Best Buy, Nike, and Sephora.

Google Assistant Stories October 15

Back in August, Google began testing a redesigned settings page for Assistant that is in line with the Google Material Theme. This week, the simplified Google Assistant settings page with tabs is rolling out.

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Google Assistant Stories October 14

JBL is a big brand for audio, and for the most part, the company makes some killer products. In recent months, the brand has also been working with Google quite a lot to integrate Assistant into some of its products. Lately, I’ve been trying out a couple of headphones with Google Assistant built-in, so let’s take a closer look.

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Google Assistant Stories October 13

Over the past year, the number of Google Assistant headphones available have proliferated. This, unfortunately, is not due to the success of Pixel Buds, but rather various brands adding one-tap access to notifications and Google Search on Android. All these headphones now support the Pixel Buds real-time translation feature.

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