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At I/O 2018, Google announced a new “visual experience” for Assistant on phones that is quite reminiscent of the original vision for Google Now. Featuring proactive suggestions and personalized information for your day, this redesign is rolling out to phones this week.

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Google Assistant Stories July 11

The idea of a robot that caters to your whims is a long-running sci-fi dream. Several companies have already given it a shot, with the latest coming from a company called Temi. Launching in 2018, this more focused approach to a robot will soon include the Google Assistant and the “Ok Google” hotword for commands.

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Google Assistant Stories July 10

We first told you in an APK Insight story last month that Google was preparing a new color-based Assistant voice picker, and now Google says it’s rolling out to everyone. expand full story

Google Assistant Stories July 9

You can now use Google Assistant to control Dish Hopper DVRs

Amazon Echo owners have been able to control their Dish Hopper DVRs over a year now using Alexa voice commands. If you’ve been living in envy, the wait is now over as the Google Assistant can now help you watch your favorite shows all without picking up a remote.

Google Assistant Stories July 8

How to change the Google Assistant voice

Google is always working on improving the Assistant and occasionally adds new voices for users to choose from. With eight currently available as of this writing, here’s how to pick the right one for you.

Google Assistant Stories July 6

When you look at smart speakers, the primary use for most users seem to be streaming music. There’s no shortage of options that deliver excellent sound quality, but some of them are big, bulky, and expensive. Polk Audio is a renowned audio brand, and the company has recently debuted its first Assistant speaker, and it delivers a whole lot for its small size and affordable price…

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