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Google Assistant Stories April 18

Last year, Google let users control what information appears in the Assistant Snapshot feed. A new “Favorites” section for Google Assistant Snapshot now lets you pin important cards to the top, with this capability being especially handy for important reminders.

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Google Assistant Stories April 16

For the past few months, Google has been slowly rolling out its eventual replacement for the phone-based Android Auto experience. The early preview of Assistant Driving Mode is now getting an international launch.

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Google Assistant Stories April 14

Google today announced a handful of new Assistant features, while making others more widely available. The biggest lets iPhone owners find misplaced devices using Google Smart Displays and speakers as Assistant Routines availability expands.

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Google Assistant Stories April 13

In late 2020, Google announced a massive long-term partnership with renowned home security company ADT, and now, we’re seeing the first part of that deal come to fruition. More ADT security systems now work with Google Assistant, and ADT is now selling select Nest gear.

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Google Assistant Stories April 7

Home security cameras are great for monitoring your property, but when you go outdoors, a lack of electrical hookups can make it difficult to get a camera right where you want it. For the past several months, I’ve been using the Wyze Cam Outdoor system to solve that problem, and thanks to recent improvements, the Google Assistant integration has finally reached the point where it’s a useful part of my Google Home ecosystem.

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Google Assistant Stories April 6

Google appoints new Assistant, News/Discover, Search, and Payments/NBU leads

In June, Google appointed one senior vice president to oversee Search, Ads, and other big products. Prabhakar Raghavan today named new executives to lead Google Assistant and a handful of other teams.

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