iFixit teardown Stories September 8, 2017

Galaxy Note 8: iFixit teardown reveals repairability in-line with recent Samsung phones

The general consensus for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is that it’s a great phone at a ridiculous price. Of course, the large-screened and stylus wielding phone line likely won’t lose its exploding stigma for quite a while. A teardown by iFixit wields nothing too different and repairability that is in-line with recent Samsung devices.

iFixit teardown Stories September 5, 2017

The Essential Phone pre-orders began arriving last week, but not before a snafu on the part of the Andy Rubin startup involving a “verification” email that shared customer data. Listening to Essential and just looking at the phone make it clear that a lot of engineering work went into the device. An iFixit teardown confirms as much, though creating a black monolithic slab also resulted in an incredibly hard phone to repair.

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