styleswap Stories July 22, 2014



The OnePlus One is a different type of smartphone. The startup behind it managed to put together a powerful handset with an entry-level price tag. So, in a market flooded with golden handsets, there’s no surprise that the folks behind this elusive device are doing something a little different. After a little bit of teasing, OnePlus officially announced the phone’s new bamboo¬†“StyleSwap” cover today, which will be available to purchase at the end of August.

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styleswap Stories July 10, 2014

OnePlus teases StyleSwap wood back covers, more info coming July 22

Custom back covers for the OnePlus One aren’t a new concept. The “Design” page on the OnePlus website has touted a selection of “StyleSwap” exchangeable back covers as “Coming Soon” for quite some time. However, a new tweet via the official OnePlus Twitter account teases these new accessories a bit, giving a date of July 22nd for the reveal of additional information about the covers.

We’ve done a hands-on of the device, giving you a look at the coveted flagship smartphone that seemingly nobody can really get for themselves. In response to the above tweet, many people are getting increasingly¬†frustrated because a bit more information about the StyleSwap accessories does no good if hardly anyone actually has the device. Hopefully the phone will move beyond its invite-only availability soon.

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