Looking to distinguish itself from the marketing powerhouse that is Apple and its omnipresent iPhone, carrier Verizon Wireless in October of 2009 begun airing a series of macho-looking commercials for the Droid line of smartphones. Just remember, if you will, the awesome ‘Stealth’ advert or the distinctively anti-Apple ‘iDon’t’ and ‘Pretty’ commercials that explicitly pitched the Droid family as an iPhone-alternative.

Fast-forward two years and the carrier’s advertising still leans towards that same masculine concept. Look no further than a pair of television commercials for the Droid Razr handset, which launches tomorrow. One is highlighting the sexiness of the handset and the other – conveniently titled ‘Payload’ – focuses on its “legendary edge”, thinness, Gorilla Glass display and Kevlar casing, all reinforcing the underlying masculine concept.

You gotta admire the cinematic appearance and the overall polish of these commercials. Go past the fold for an additional Razr teaser.

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