Horace Dediu at Asymco —with help from data published by Jeremy Reimer— has put together the graphic above (click for full graphic), and in the video below he plotted the history of personal computing over the last 37 years. Dediu took Reimer’s data, added smartphone statistics, and updated PC and Apple numbers from Gartner.

We learn from the data that Android, along with iPad and iPhone, accounts for a higher volume of units shipped than the entire PC industry throughout the same time. Specifically, the PC industry accounted for 336 million units shipped in 2011 (not including Macs), in comparison to Android and iOS devices shipping 358 million. While Android is grouped with iOS, you can see in the graphic that Android is clearly way ahead of iPhone and iPad when the two devices are not grouped together.  You can check out the same data shown in the animation below and read the full report here:

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