Google today revealed what we have been talking about for months (here and here): Google Glasses.  The project is called “Project Glass,” and now there is even a Plus page on it.

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Via Hugo Barra

I probably do not have to say this, but TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

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23 Responses to “Google reveals Project Glass(es)”

  1. carlos says:

    this is totally doable, all the parts to make this project work are out there, you can google every piece needed to make the glasses work and find them, multi focus contact lensses, cristal clear glass with projections, glass that change from clear to dark, micro accelerometers, micro gps, micro hd cammeras, cloud computing…hell i am gonna to make my owns right away!!!

  2. Den says:

    here on this site there is all information about Google Project Glass

  3. theadpoole says:

    I love how this takes Siri on a ride and the commercial is almost like an Apple commercial.
    I see a lot of car accidents in the near future…but this product is cool though, as long as you're not operating a vehicle while using it.

  4. Lonely Raven says:

    WANT! The beginning of CyberPunk is NAO!

  5. I made a funny satirical video foretelling this sort of augmented reality experience in 2008 and I still think its silly to wear goggles like this. In episode 2, I went to the mall!

    Watch the Tourist

  6. TechnoHippyChik says:

    This is an interesting idea but not for constant use. The turn by turn walking directions sure, that's a great use. But all the check ins, texting etc. too much. We are already slaves to being constantly connected, this is taking it to a d-bag level.

    I mean even futuristic shows like Star Trek or the generally perceived as a lamefest Terra Nova didn't have folks walking around with this kind of rig. It was used in cases like the doctor getting feedback on heart rates etc, detecting heat sources during night sources and such.

  7. john says:

    these look so stupid. It's as cool as a Segway – the dbags that use them are well dbags. Or the people that wear there bluetooth ear piece all night at the loud bar and then after 3 hours when they finally do get a call, the answer and scream helo until they take it off and go use the phone outside. Just more cool, useless junk

  8. MBMBaMdotcom says:

    we got a badass over here!

  9. Josh says:

    Someday: dumbest human ever.

  10. Joshua Fisher says:

    How great would it be to integrate this with real time translation

  11. Vince says:

    idk what everyone complaining about, this is just ingenious

  12. Cody says:

    I can't wait until people are wearing these while driving…

  13. Guest says:

    Great! I needed one more gadget to make me look as if I am a nuthead who talks to himself all the time.

  14. Fab says:

    I am the Borg, you will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  15. Ed_Kel says:

    This is JUST what we need in an era where even texting can be hazardous to the individuals who lack multitasking skills.

  16. 4-eyes says:

    Sooo….what about people who already wear glasses?

    • tyson says:

      I bet pretty much any optical technician can fit them out with your script lenses. They don't look to have lenses in them now – don't know how it would functionality though.

  17. Mark says:

    I want one…