Gmail updated its people widget to include three photos from recent emails for a showcased person (example to the right).

“The next time you look at the people widget, you might see up to 3 photos from recent emails from that person. Not only does this remind you of photos they’ve sent to you, but it also gives you one click access to the emails with those photos,” announced Gmail on Google+.

The Gmail people widget is located on the right-hand side of messages and displays users’ contextual information about people their interacting with in the email service.

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5 Responses to “Gmail now displays recent photos in the people widget”

  1. Tonya says:

    I just realized that this displays pictures that were not sent to me from other people. So what am I displaying to other people? I use my email for personal and professinal. I don't want pictures or anything else from other emails or my account showing up on someones computer. If I can see other people's then they can see mine. I have read that isnt' true but it is. What do I do? I can't turn off their widget…

  2. Ozi says:

    It is a good feature but I am in the same boat as @Spinsheet that my fiance sent me some sexy photos too and they are popping up every time I open an email from her. I will need to turn this off until she sends me a bunch more photos that I do not mind people seeing :D. There needs to be the option to not display certain photos. eg block those "sexy photos" and allow the nice photos from our holiday to appear :)

  3. anonymouse says:


    If you ever decide you don't want to see the people widget, you can do so by doing the following:

    Click the gear icon in the upper right, then select Settings.
    On the General tab in Settings, select the ‘Hide the people widget’ radio button.
    Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

  4. spinsheet says:

    Is there any way of removing any of those images in the widget? My wife sent me an image of her in lingerie and now every time I get an email from her that image is there. Don't want anyone seeing that over my shoulder!