Google app Stories September 19

GOOG: 921.81


In our teardown of the latest Google app beta yesterday, we spotted a number of features being prepped for Assistant. This included the ability to set a different voice, as well as the ability to launch it on the Pixel 2 by squeezing the Active Edge. Since then, we have been able to activate several of those features and a handful of other new ones.

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Last month, we spotted Google testing a “People also view” recommendations bar at the bottom of sites opened through the Search app. That feature has yet to widely rollout on Android, but is launching today on the Google app for iOS.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google app Stories September 18

GOOG: 915.00


The latest Google app beta is rolling out and reveals a number of features being developed for the Google Assistant. New customization options might allow users to  select different voices and hotwords. Meanwhile, there are references to the Pixel 2’s rumored squeezable frame, sleep sounds, and more podcast controls.

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Google app Stories September 6

GOOG: 927.81


Thanks to the last version of the Google app, we learned a great deal about what ‘Bisto’ is, what it does, and even how it works. The latest version of the app began rolling out yesterday and it reveals a number of significant things, including insight into the next version of Android.

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Google app Stories August 25

GOOG: 915.89


The latest beta of the Google app on Monday yielded a wealth of information about “Bisto.” First encountered in April as a new device type possibly related to headphones, this teardown confirmed it and detailed features, functionality, and operation.

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Google app Stories August 21

GOOG: 906.66


The latest beta of the Google app is rolling out today and it reveals a great deal of new information about “Bisto.” References to a new device type emerged with version 7.0 in April and only returned earlier this month to the app.

With version 7.10, we now know much more about this device, including that Bisto in fact refers to headphones that run Google Assistant.

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