Google app Stories April 2

Google Assistant’s predecessor was generically known as “voice search” and activated with the “Ok Google” hotword. Despite being several years old, the capability still exists today in the Google app on Android. However, the most recent beta removes that old voice search UI.

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Google app Stories March 31

The new Google Assistant launched with the Pixel 4 last October and has expanded to more users since then. A look into Google app 11.3 reveals work on “Assistant Shortcuts” to let you create voice macros for supported apps.

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Google app Stories March 30

Google app beta gains ‘Show Doodles on search widget’ setting

Back in February, the Google app beta started testing a Lab that brings Doodles to the homescreen of non-Pixel devices. In a sign that this delightful customization is exiting preview soon for all Android phones, there is now a “Show Doodles on search widget” setting.

Google app 11.3 is rolling out to the beta channel this afternoon and reveals work on two upcoming capabilities. Google Lens looks to be getting offline visual translations, while Assistant is getting some sort of photo suggestions feature.

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Google app Stories March 19

At this point, the Google app’s dark mode is pretty widely available on Android. A specific — albeit wide-ranging — bug today in Google’s beta version sees image results get color inverted.

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Google app Stories March 16

Google today lets you control Discover by hiding stories and publications, as well as specifying interests. Users can now “Report content” that appears in Google Discover with a number of available reasons.

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