Google app Stories November 20

[Update: Back] Google app bug causes At a Glance to open old Weather UI

While the latest Google app beta introduced some nice updates to the Weather widgets, it also hampered At a Glance in the Pixel Launcher. Namely, it launches the original Google Weather experience instead of the redesign. 

Google app Stories November 9

In July of last year, we spotted development of an “Assistant Chat Head” that never ended up launching. Google is now working on a more useful “Search bubble” chat head that provides quick access to text and voice lookup.

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Google app Stories October 18

In a very welcome change from what we previously expected, the Google Weather Material You widgets are now live on existing Pixel phones with the latest Google app beta.

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Google app Stories September 29

You can quickly access Google app settings, reminders from the Pixel Launcher’s Discover feed

The Google app recently lost its “More” tab for a unified panel when opening the account switcher. That new settings menu can now be accessed in the Google Discover feed to the left of the Pixel Launcher.

Google app Stories September 28

While Discover and Assistant Snapshot have gone through a handful of visual revamps in recent years, the rest of the Google app has remained the same. Google is now testing a settings redesign on Android that removes the “More” tab.

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Google app Stories September 21

Following the big update in August, Google Podcasts for Android is getting a straightforward Material You redesign, though it’s not yet widely rolled out.

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Google has been working on an in-app browser for Search on Android for quite sometime now. After being widely rolled out to the beta channel for the past few months, it has disappeared and reverted to Chrome Custom Tabs.

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After redesigning the Weather app, Google’s next step is introducing Android 12 homescreen widgets. We enabled the first one last week, and the second Google widget coming is straight from the Pixel 6’s Material You advertising

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Google app Stories September 20

Google app gains ‘Personal results’ setting for Search on Android

Google is continuing to add more settings to the Search app on Android with a new preference to control “Personal results.” 

Google app Stories September 9

After initial testing in May, Google today has widely rolled out a redesign of Android’s default Weather app. Part of Google Search, the experience was overdue for a modernization.

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Google app Stories September 3

The latest version of Google Search’s integrated bookmarking feature is called “Collections.” It was last updated in early 2020, and a redesign of Collections today makes the Google app tab much more useful.

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Google app Stories September 2

Google recently redesigned Lens to prioritize screenshot analysis over live capture. Google Lens is now seeing a Material You flourish and even more prominent placement on Android.

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Google app Stories September 1

Google app on Android makes it easier to control SafeSearch with ‘Hide explicit results’ setting

SafeSearch, which “filter[s] out explicit content in Google’s search results,” has been around for so long that it has entered the cultural lexicon. The Google Search app on Android is now making it easier to access with a new “Hide explicit results” settings page.

Google app Stories August 27

Assistant Snapshot carries forward the legacy of Google Now, though its prominence is diminished compared to the previous feed. Its standing might be further de-prioritized following a pair of worrisome changes to Snapshot in the Google app and Assistant.

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Google app Stories June 24

Following the latest update, the Google app, Podcasts, and Lens are repeatedly crashing, while Assistant is also unavailable. Users across Google Pixel, Samsung, and Motorola phones are affected.

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Google app Stories June 17

One of the key aspects of the Pixel Launcher experience is “At A Glance,” which has seen a handful of weather-related tweaks in recent months. Google is now planning to overhaul the capability into “Live Space” and better integrate it on with Assistant on Pixel phones running Android 12.

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Google app Stories June 15

Google is rolling out a new Search Console Insights tool that provides creators with an overview of how their content is performing. It’s meant to be an “easier way to understand how your content resonates with readers.”

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Google app Stories June 2

The last visual revamp for Assistant in late 2020 saw the light bar come to all Android devices. Google is now working on what looks to be a new design that takes advantage of dropdown menus to show more information, while Assistant is getting new microphone sounds.

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Google app Stories May 20

After the Now Playing screen got updated earlier this year, the rest of the Google Podcasts is getting a revamp. The changes aren’t major, but there are a number of great usability upgrades for longtime users. 

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Google app Stories April 23

For the past several weeks, we’ve been tracking an Assistant feature codenamed “Guacamole” in the Google app. We can now report that “Guacamole” will let users perform time-sensitive Assistant “quick tasks” like answering calls or silencing alarms on your Android phone without having to first say “Hey Google.”

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Google app Stories March 24

The very first iteration of Assistant for phones was focused on voice commands until Google in 2018 added Smart Display-inspired visual elements like on-screen controls. Last year, a Snapshot feed to show personalized recommendations and upcoming events was added. Overall, Google wants Assistant to be better suited for and take advantage of the phone form factor, and an upcoming “Memory” feature — which we enabled — is the most significant example of that goal to date.

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Google app Stories February 11

Recently, instead of using classic Chrome Custom Tabs, the Google app for Android began using a bespoke in-app browser for search results and more. Now the in-app browser for Google Search on Android is testing handy shortcuts to “Read Aloud” and “Translate.”

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Google app Stories February 9

Last year, the Google app on Android ditched Chrome Custom Tabs when opening Discover articles and Search results. Google has now redesigned the custom in-app browser with a bottom bar to make it easier to navigate.

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Google app Stories February 8

The latest Google app beta is rolling out a redesign to the player screen in Google Podcasts. Simplification is the focus with more spacing given to key controls, while other actions are hidden in the process.

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Google app Stories December 30, 2020

A few months ago, we saw Google begin surfacing “Short Videos” in a Discover panel but it now looks as though this test has been expanded to Search.

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Google app Stories December 18, 2020

Google frequently asks users for feedback to improve Search results, and the latest rating example is in the Search app on Android. There is a new “Rate your recent experience” notification that appears to be focused on improving location results.

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Google app Stories October 7, 2020

Google Lens has long been tied to Assistant on Android, while iOS users have access to it as part of Search. The Google app on Android is now testing a prominent Lens shortcut.

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Google app Stories September 16, 2020

An update to the Google app for iOS is making its way to users to deliver a handy new feature. The Google app for iOS can now read articles out loud.

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Google app Stories August 17, 2020

One element of Google’s latest design language is having your profile image appear in the top-right corner of every application to emphasize how you’re logged in. This Google Account switcher is now getting tweaked to launch a fullscreen interface.

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Google app Stories August 8, 2020

Google weather app disappears for some Android users, probably a bug

For a long time, the Google app on Android has had a not-so-hidden weather “app” built-in. It offers a full UI with limited but useful features. It gets the job done for a lot of people and has a cute little frog too. Now, though, some Android users have noticed that the Google weather app has disappeared off of their phones.

Google app Stories August 3, 2020

Google Lens adds ‘Places’ filter as Podcasts player tests queue swiping

Updated via the Google app, Lens and Podcasts recently picked up some new features. The visual search tool gains a “Places” filter, while Podcasts makes switching to the next episode somewhat faster.

Google app Stories July 30, 2020

Earlier this month, the Google app pulled its custom in-app browser for opening Search results and Discover articles. It was not particularly well liked for eschewing the standard Chrome Custom Tab implementation on Android. The latest Google app beta is now testing it again and made some tweaks along the way.

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Google app Stories July 28, 2020

With Android 11, Google is going all-in with Bubbles, a way to “let users easily multi-task from anywhere on their device.” They are primarily used for messaging notifications and quick access to conversation threads, but the latest Google app beta today reveals work on an “Assistant Chat Head.”

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Google app Stories July 3, 2020

After months of work, the Google app in late April started testing an in-app browser for opening Discover articles and Search results. It saw a wider rollout a few weeks later, but Google now looks to be reverting to the previous Chrome Custom Tab implementation.

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Google app Stories June 30, 2020

While there was no I/O this year, Google still launched a number of new features for its visual search tool in May. Google is now working on a Lens redesign for Android that adds several new capabilities.

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Google app Stories June 24, 2020

In addition to new auto-delete defaults, Google is making it easier to control key privacy settings. Google Account controls will be directly available in Search, while Incognito Mode is becoming more ubiquitous.

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Google app Stories June 7, 2020

[Update: Fixed] Latest Google app beta crashes when you customize Discover on Android

A bug with the latest Google app beta today sees the Discover feed available to the left of Android homescreens consistently crash. This issue affects both Google and non-Pixel devices.

Google app Stories May 26, 2020

After several years of evolution, Google Discover has firmly settled into a feed of news and articles that are tailored to your interests. Cards for sports and weather still exists, with the latter on Android seeing a redesign today in the form of a bubble.

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Google app Stories May 21, 2020

Since February, we’ve been tracking a redesign of Google Assistant settings on Android that greatly simplifies how to manage the sprawling, cross-device service. It’s now in testing for some users on the latest Google app beta.

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[Update: Only Android 10+] Google app for Android and iOS adds official dark mode

Google has been rolling out dark mode to its various apps for over a year at this point, but the Google app’s dark mode never fully stuck on Android or iOS. Today, Google has confirmed that rollout is finally happening for all users.

Google app Stories May 19, 2020

Google Discover not loading for some on Android due to sign-in error

Discover provides a feed of personalized articles that are usually relevant to your interests. A sign-in error where no stories load is plaguing Google Discover on Android today.

Google app Stories May 18, 2020

Google tests Lens shortcut in Images search bar on Android

On Android, Google’s visual search tool can primarily be accessed from the homescreen or through Assistant. Google Lens is now testing a shortcut in Image Search.

Google app Stories May 13, 2020

[Update: Fixed] Google app, Assistant dark themes disappear for some after latest beta

The latest Google app beta (version 11.9) rolled out yesterday evening and includes work on a new “Bell Schedule” feature. Due to a bug, some users have lost the Google Search and Assistant dark themes with this update.

Google app Stories May 12, 2020

Routines in Assistant let you invoke multiple actions using a single command. These macros can already be automatically scheduled, while Google at CES 2020 previewed an upcoming “Scheduled Actions” capability. Google Assistant now looks to be readying a “Bell Schedule” feature.

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Google app Stories April 28, 2020

The last major redesign of Google Lens introduced Dining and Translate filters, while Text (OCR), Shopping, and Auto became explicit modes. The visual search tool could soon pick up the ability to solve math problems.

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Google app Stories April 21, 2020

When some Android apps need to open a web page, sometimes they will use a what’s called a Chrome Custom Tab to display the page in a themed tab provided by your phone’s default browser. As of the latest beta update, the Google app is moving away from this style of browser to include an in-app browser of its own.

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Google app Stories April 10, 2020

From a homescreen widget to Assistant integration, the Google app is how the company wants you to access Search on Android. Yet, it’s always lacked one key feature compared to the mobile experience. The Google app beta yesterday finally added “Search Tools” and filters on Android.

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Google app Stories April 2, 2020

Google Assistant’s predecessor was generically known as “voice search” and activated with the “Ok Google” hotword. Despite being several years old, the capability still exists today in the Google app on Android. However, the most recent beta removes that old voice search UI.

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