Google app Stories July 14

GOOG: 955.99


Accelerated Mobile Pages have long appeared in Search results on the mobile web and Google app. However, they have noticeably been absent from the article-heavy Google Feed. Fortunately, it appears that AMP stories are finally appearing as Now cards on Android.

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Google app Stories July 1

GOOG: 908.73


Google appears to be widely testing a slight visual redesign of mobile Search that tweaks the appearance of results and their cards. Over the past few hours, several users have spotted the change in both the Google app for Android and iOS, as well as on the mobile web.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google app Stories June 14

GOOG: 950.76


While an A/B test of a new transparent homescreen pane is underway, other users still don’t have access to the most recent revamp of the Google app that added tabs. In a statement, Google has now provided an explanation, as well as hinting at a future update to remedy the discrepancy.

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Save for the addition of an “Upcoming” tab and Search shortcuts in the past year, Google Now’s design has remained mostly unchanged. However, it appears that a significant revamp, which features a new transparent homescreen page, is now in the works.

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Google app Stories May 24

GOOG: 954.96


Google Lens was one of most exciting announcements of I/O 2017, but we unfortunately have to wait until later this year for it go live. However, signs of it are beginning to show up in the latest Google beta, along with app shortcuts and other minor changes.

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Google app Stories May 18

GOOG: 930.24


Google Assistant redesigns its settings page on phones

This week saw a number of Google Assistant-related announcements for phones from keyboard input to Actions on Google. The latest is a redesign of Assistant’s settings on phones that is starting to widely rollout today.

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