Google app Stories August 15

Google app gains prominent share button when browsing Discover, Search

The Google app has added a useful share shortcut when viewing Discover articles or Search results on Android. Appearing in the top-right corner, it’s elevated from the browser’s otherwise long overflow menu.

Google app Stories August 9

Despite the last beta coming on Monday evening, a new version of the Google app is ready for testing. Google app 10.41 continues work on Ambient Mode and reveals the addition of device notifications, while alarms could be coming to At A Glance.

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Google app Stories August 8

Voice reminders on Android have long been part of the Google app. With the advent of Assistant, Google is integrating more and more features directly. As part of this, Google has also given reminders a slight Material Theme revamp.

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Google app Stories August 6

The first Pixel 4 feature teased by Google was actually the “next generation Assistant” at I/O 2019. Google app 10.38 this week reveals that Assistant will be integrated into Pixel settings, and raises the possibility of a kickstand accessory for the next Made by Google flagship.

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Google app Stories July 29

There was no Google app beta last week, with the latest preview version released this morning. Google app 10.33 reveals work on a “Read it” TTS functionality feature that originates from Google Go, and continued development on Assistant Ambient Mode.

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Google app Stories July 26

Before Assistant, Google had “Voice search” capabilities that were closely integrated with full on Search. Over the past several years, all innovation has been focussed on Assistant and Google is now in the process of fully replacing Voice search on Android.

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