Google app Stories November 5

The latest beta version of the Google app rolled out last night and it continues work on a handful of features. Google app 10.83 provides our first look at the in-app browser and an early user interface for it. Elsewhere, there’s development on AR features and Voice Match for Assistant headphones.

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Google app Stories October 31

Back in September, we first enabled a Material Theme redesign of Google Podcasts for Android. A revamped player that’s larger and fits in with the company’s current design language is now rolling out.

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Google app Stories October 16

With the launch of Android 10 last week, Google teased night-friendly looks for Gmail and Maps. A dark theme for Google Assistant and Search is now beginning to roll out for some users.

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Google app Stories October 4

Back in July, we spotted Assistant replacing the old “Voice search” capability in the Google app. There have been more reports of that occurring recently, with new Google app help videos suggesting that’s still on track.

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Google app Stories October 1

The Google app has long had a built-in bookmarking feature to save links, images, and places found through Search. An update is rolling out today on Android that redesigns the interface, and prominently elevates it to the bottom bar.

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Google app Stories September 19

Google app gains direct Dictionary homescreen shortcut

Google Search has a number of built-in tools, especially on Android. Defining words is a common task for the engine, and the Android client now has a direct Google Dictionary shortcut.

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