Google app Stories November 20

Version 7.16 of the Google app rolled out in beta last week and revealed more about Assistant Routines and improvements to the built-in podcast player, among other updates. We’ve since been able to activate some new features that detail some minor tweaks in the works.

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Google app Stories November 14

With every new update to the Google app, we’re learning more about Assistant Routines that can string together commands. Version 7.16 also details an expansion to the podcast functionality and feedback/training for Lens and the Feed. In terms of visible changes, Assistant for tablets is hinted at, while the Feed’s bottom bar sees a partial redesign.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google app Stories November 13

A month ago, version 7.14 of the Google app included the first references to Google Assistant for tablets. That functionality is likely nearing a launch as the latest beta of the Google app now lists Assistant as available for the category of larger devices.

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Google app Stories November 10

Last week, Google Search began rolling out a redesign that rounded the UI of its mobile website. Today, that same redesign is more widely rolling out to Android, along with deeper changes to how the full app looks and operates.

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Google app Stories November 8

One of the software steps that Google announced to address the Pixel 2 XL’s burn-in issues was to encourage apps to adopt a light navigation bar. Settings in the Android 8.1 Developer Preview was one of those apps and now the Google app is following along.

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Google app Stories October 31

On the eve of Google’s October 4th event, we were able to enable a redesigned Google Feed that featured numerous rounded UI elements, a new bottom bar, and removed navigation drawer. Following last night’s release of version 7.15 of the Google app, it appears that this new design is beginning to rollout for some.

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