During the announcement of the Galaxy S III last week, Samsung also announced a Wireless Charging kit. A technology that first debuted on Web OS, the Wireless Charging kit is said to charge the phone by connecting an optional cover and setting it on top of a desk cradle to charge the device, rather than having to plug it in via a cord. According to a new report by SlashGear, United Kingdom-based retailer Mobile Fun confirmed today that Samsung does not plan to ship the wireless charging accessory until September —four months after the handset’s launch.

Samsung did not provide many technical details of the Wireless Charging station during its event last week, but as SlashGear noted, the delay could be due in part to Samsung’s recent Alliance for Wireless Power with Qualcomm. In the mean time, a slew of third-party accessories will most likely launch.

The Galaxy S III goes on sale May 29 in Europe, but May 3 for the U.K. As for a United States launch date, no details were given, but it has been pinned down that Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T will all be a carrier for the new handset.

Image via The Verge

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