Google announced today that those folks seeing the flattened search logo and the app launcher weren’t delusional. They were just guinea pigs for what Google just launched.

It is flatter. ChromeOS-ier. It is the new Google homepage design.


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4 Responses to “Google drops black menu bar, officially goes flat with App Launcher”

  1. olddavey says:

    Note: This is for (Australia) Change to suit your region.

    For Firefox go to:
    Tools/Options/HomePage and paste the following:,or.r_qf.&bvm=pv.xjs.s.en_US.Je7qmbW6c9s.O&ech=1&psi=uFp8UqXVG8GfkAWK1oG4Bw.1383881017913.3&emsg=NCSR&noj=1&ei=uFp8UqXVG8GfkAWK1oG4Bw

    After pasting type about:config in the address bar and enter. Ignore the dragons and scroll down to Browser.newtab.url, right click, select modify and paste again.

    Click home and all will be revealed.

    For Explorer go to:
    Tools/Internet Options and paste the text in the Home Page box.
    Go to Tabs/Settings/When a new tab is opened, open and set to:
    Your first home page

    Apply and save your changes and restart IE.

  2. Great, so instead of having a bunch of easy-to-click links right there, I have to click a box of black dots to get a bunch of pictures to click… this is not easier, Google.