Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission has fined Samsung $340,000 after finding it guilty of paying bloggers and staff to post fake product reviews on forums, praising Samsung products and criticizing competitor ones, reports Phys. Taiwanese company HTC is believed to have been the main victim of the campaign.

The FTC set Samsung’s fine at New Taiwan dollars 10 million ($340,000). It also levied smaller fines on two Taiwanese trading companies it said were responsible for mounting the Internet campaign.

Earlier this year the FTC fined Samsung NT$300,000 for misleading advertising about the camera functions on its Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 phone … 

Creating fake accounts with paid writers or company staff posing as customers is known as ‘astroturfing.’ The FTC said that the fake comments had been sufficiently widespread to have a real effect on product sales.

Earlier this month, Samsung predicted record profits as HTC reported its first ever loss.

We can at least be confident than Samsung didn’t pay for these reviews

Via The Verge

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6 Responses to “Samsung fined again for posting fake product reviews on forums”

  1. They are not allowing negative reviews on the S4 mini product on their website and my recent review on did not appear and instead, another positive review appeared.

  2. Sam Joy says:

    Why would Samsung do this?..It makes no sense!, Samsung generally makes good products so fake reviews are an unnecessary task of futility!, it must have been done by some inept people who might have done it do give a bad mark on Samsung, so it might have had some devious intentions by maybe a double agent of sorts?, I know this sounds like a conspiracy type accusation, but it makes no sense otherwise?

    • Samsung sells inferior products and does not provide service at all. I am a victim of their S4 Mini purchased at a premium and suffering like hell. One has to wait at their service center for a minimum of 6 hours!!!!

  3. Disgusting! Let your product speak for itself or don’t speak at all!