Like he has done before, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller has taken to his Twitter account to share a new report highlighting a much higher amount of security threats on Android compared to iOS. Schiller linked to Cisco’s 2014 annual security report covering mobile malware trends over the last year, which happens to highlight a rise in malware on Android as one of its key takeaways:

Ninety-nine percent of all mobile malware in 2013 targeted Android devices. Android users also have the highest encounter rate (71 percent) with all forms of web-delivered malware.

That 71% encounter rate for web-delivered malware on Android compares to just 14 percent for iPhone users, according to the report. The report’s finding that 99 percent of all mobile malware last year targeted Android marks an increase for Android when comparing to the last report Schiller shared. In March of last year, Schiller shared a report from security firm F-Secure that estimated Android had around 79% of all mobile malware for 2012 compared to just 0.7 percent for iOS.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 1.19.35 PM

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4 Responses to “Apple SVP Phil Schiller shares report showing Android had 99% of mobile malware last year”

  1. aniru919 says:

    This is why it’s wise to buy apple products instead of Android.

    • Danny Lewis says:

      That’s why if you are a total idiot, I recommend Apple products. Apple makes sure it is locked down tight so you can only do what they want you to do with their nanny-ecosystem of products! :) However, if you want the freedom to do whatever you want with your device, exercise a bit of caution, and don’t install apps like “100% Free Angry Birdz,” you’ll be fine.

    • Dan Chambers says:

      Google deserves a huge congratulations for these numbers, but that is not how this is being advertised. Assuming that the “99% of all malware targets android” number is correct, I am impressed that only 71% of android users are impacted by malware given the number of attackers.

      Apple’s iOS on the other hand is getting targeted by less than 1% of all the malware. If you add the ipad, iphone, and ipod categories together (they didn’t break android phone vs. tablet apart), you will see that about 30% of iOS users were affected by malware. So with 99 times fewer attackers, the average iOS user is slightly less than half as likely to be subject to malware consequences. Seems to me like 99 times fewer attackers should result in 99 times less likelihood of malware consequences if Apple had equivalent security as Android. Especially when you consider the scrutiny that Apple puts behind App Store submissions.

    • I hate when people always say freedom to do what you want with Android. Its not true. Yes you can install launchers but many Android phones have locked boot loaders and will void your warranty if you root the device. Samsung is bad about not letting people do what they want.