At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, SanDisk has just announced a new accessory that will make many Android users very happy. The company has unveiled the world’s first ever 128GB microSD card. More specifically, the card uses the microSDXC standard, meaning that it works with devices only that are compatible with XC, not just the lower-end HC.

SanDisk does note, however, that the card is “designed for Android” and will be fully compatible with many Android devices. In addition to this new 128GB card, SanDisk will also be updating its “Memory Zone” app for Android, which allows users to easily and access files stored on microSD cards. The app also allows users to back up content to it and free-up internal device memory. A new “OptiMem” will automatically transfer older photos on a device to external memory.

The availability of 128GB microSD cards also signals that we could soon start seeing Android devices with 128GB of internal storage. This would be a big upgrade, especially when the operating system on many devices takes up more than 6GB of space.

The 128GB SanDisk microSD card will run $199.99 when it is released. The card will be available exclusively from Amazon and BestBuy.

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5 Responses to “SanDisk unveils first 128GB microSD card “designed for Android””

  1. Roger Brown says:

    It’s about time as it was first mentioned over a year ago. Why so long?

  2. Jay Dubb says:

    That still doesn’t help us Nexus Tablet guy’s out.

  3. ricknmac says:

    What good is 128GB when the samsungs “next big thing” galaxy s4 can’t even keep the 32GB mounted….

  4. Great news, but for the average joe like myself, the price tag is a bit steep for now. I’ll wait to see if it comes down later, I’m not willing to shell out that much can for an sd card, seriously…. Some people are, just not this tech loving gal…lol I’m too frugal and work too hard for my money for that. Just sayin’